Coaching solutions tailored to four-year colleges and universities

Fueling equitable undergraduate degree attainment

Undergraduate colleges and universities are the storied backbone of America’s higher education system. However, over the past decade, there has been a noticeable decline in overall enrollment, presenting a significant challenge for these institutions. And many of these schools continue to grapple with the task of achieving their targeted degree completion rates.

As our country and our campuses grow more diverse, there is a desire to build a strong sense of belonging into the college community, helping students thrive and maximize their potential — especially among first-generation students, Pell-eligible students and students of color. And holistic, personalized coaching from InsideTrack can help.

Proven impact to support all students

For more than 20 years, InsideTrack coaching has helped institutions boost enrollment, strengthen retention, drive re-enrollment and improve career readiness — all while building a culture of inclusion and belonging. Our equity-centered coaching model is designed to support all learners, empowering individuals to overcome barriers, reconnect with their strengths and co-create a plan for their success. 

And for long-term, sustainable student success, we can help you reshape your advising and student-facing teams — going from transactional to transformational — by equipping advisors and leadership with the necessary tools to integrate InsideTrack’s coaching methodology into everyday use with students.

Why InsideTrack?

Empowered change that advances learners and delivers organizational transformation
Proven methodology that’s evidence-based and research-confirmed
Tailored outcomes that meet partner-defined goals
Holistic, human-powered technology that enables scalable support
Equitable approach that fuels social mobility through coaching
Expert coaches who are skilled and well-trained

Four-year institution success by the numbers

increase in yield
first-year retention, a school record
loyola university new orleans
return on investment in the first term and up to 15x return after two consecutive terms

Coaching that transforms student support

Whether you’re looking to increase enrollment, retention, completion or career readiness, we provide direct student coaching tailored to your outcomes — as well as coaching development and training to build coaching capacity to transform support for all your students.

Four-year institution case studies and partner profiles

Increased retention, improved ROI: Coaching and capacity building at Old Dominion University
Historical trends in student outcomes and insights from analytics helped ODU identify first-year students who would be invited to receive coaching.
point increase in yield
Loyola University: Increasing student persistence through proactive coaching
Loyola partnered to launch a Capacity Building and Coaching program to increase first-year retention, and to improve enrollment of prospective students.
first-year retention, a school record
UNCF and InsideTrack join together for HBCU student success excellence
Nine UNCF institutions brought stopped-out students back to school in an initiative that will expand through a multi-year partnership.
re-enrollment rate
Penn State campus
Coaching for inquiry conversion & strong start at Penn State World Campus
Penn State World Campus sought to improve their prospective student enrollment. They partnered with InsideTrack to do just that through personalized coaching.
improvement in enrollment conversion
woman working at standing desk

Coaching Development

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Our valued four-year college partners

The coaching has helped students to increase self-efficacy, to work against that sense of not belonging, of being an imposter. InsideTrack coaching helps students develop cognitive and emotional skills to navigate a complex system on their own.

Linda Maule

College Program Dean, Indiana State University

InsideTrack made us think about how we serve students in a different light. They helped our team understand how we can serve students throughout the student lifecycle. This is more than a job; we're making real-life impacts.

Dr. Sherri Watson

Former Director of Mane Connect Success Coaching, Old Dominion University

We partnered with InsideTrack to design and launch our coaching program. Their expertise in evaluating and enhancing our capacities proved invaluable and we enjoyed excellent return on investment.

Dr. Larry Abele

Provost Emeritus, Florida State University

The InsideTrack coaching methodology has helped me to provide a more consistent quality of service to our students. This includes an underlying advancement within each session of each student’s unique goals, strengths, and strategies for degree completion and success at our institution and beyond college.

Academic Coach

University of Georgia

Partnering with InsideTrack enables us to immediately meet the needs of our growing student population while building out our internal capabilities to provide best-in-class support.

Caroline Levander

Vice President for Global and Digital Strategy, Rice University

Let’s partner to advance your students toward their education and career goals

We understand the challenges faced by colleges and universities every day. Together, we can leverage the power of coaching to level up student support at your institution.