Helping organizations develop, retain and advance workforce talent

Advancing in-house talent to fill critical positions and build internal capacity

Employers across the nation are working to innovate and scale amidst an ever-changing workforce — facing labor shortages and the challenge of building a diverse, highly skilled talent pool. Many organizations and companies offer education benefits to upskill and reskill employees, yet those benefits often go unused, while staff and leadership continue to face stagnation and burnout. Embedding holistic support for staff and leaders can help organizations:

  • Address inequities in hiring and employment

  • Build a strong, skilled talent pool

  • Improve resource and benefit utilization

  • Upskill and reskill employees

  • Retain employees

  • Reduce recruitment challenges by building internal talent pipelines

Personalized coaching to advance and retain your workers

InsideTrack’s proven coaching programs can help you “build vs. buy” your workforce — developing talent from within. Quality, research-proven coaching is delivered through one-on-one connections, so it’s personalized and tailored to each employee’s situation. Coaches support employees every step of the way — from tapping into educational benefits and getting enrolled to overcoming challenges, remaining on track to completion and staying motivated.

Why InsideTrack?

Empowered change that advances learners and delivers organizational transformation
Proven methodology that’s evidence-based and research-confirmed
Tailored outcomes that meet partner-defined goals
Holistic, human-powered technology that enables scalable support
Equitable approach that fuels social mobility through coaching
Expert coaches who are skilled and well-trained

Emphasis on DEI

Fostering a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce and company culture starts with hiring and advancing a broad spectrum of well-trained employees.

success coaching

Coaching for career outcomes

We help employees utilize tuition benefits, then provide career coaching to help them develop the skills required to fill needs and advance in your organization.

Coaching Development & Training

Bringing coaching capacity in-house

By embedding our proven coaching methodology into your existing practices, we can create sustainable impact for your employees and your organization.

The numbers add up to talent success

improvement in self-reported skill level after coaching
medical assistant pathway completion rate
ed fund
of learners coached in a leading Healthcare Union reported coaching proved valuable in motivating them toward their goals
woman working at standing desk

Coaching Development

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Talent development case studies and partner profiles

The Education Fund: Empowering the health care workforce of tomorrow
The Education Fund has partnered with InsideTrack to provide learners with coaching as part of the wraparound support they need to succeed.
Medical Assistant Pathway learners coached

Trusted partners in the talent sector

ed fund

Our partnership with InsideTrack has been transformative. We are a new and growing organization in many ways, and InsideTrack’s guidance and support have really helped to transform the Education Fund into the powerhouse that it is today.

Phoenix Lockett

Senior Director of Programs, The Education Fund

In this new-look labor market, we need to find accessible and creative ways to help high-potential workers regain their career footing in a fast-changing economy. These promising results demonstrate the impact that virtual career coaching can have across a wide range of formats.

Steve Lee

Executive Director, SkillUp Coalition

Let’s partner to develop a stronger workforce at your organization

Working together, we can help your employees achieve their career goals while providing you with a pipeline of highly educated and skilled workers, ready to make a difference on the job.

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