Partnering with foundations to fuel learner and organizational transformation

Expanding reach, improving outcomes and closing equity gaps

As a nonprofit, InsideTrack partners with philanthropic foundations to maximize our impact, expanding access to one-on-one success coaching that advances equity and helps all learners achieve their education and career goals. To date, we have supported over 3.2 million learners through our direct coaching, and we have positively impacted millions more by building internal coaching capacity within postsecondary institutions and workforce organizations, driving sustainable success for years to come.

Partnering with purpose-led funders and organizations, we spark change for all individuals — from a mosaic of backgrounds and circumstances — supporting them to:

  • Lean into their strengths

  • Connect to the resources and support around them

  • Build motivation that will help them gain economic and social mobility

For some, this means fueling equitable attainment of post-secondary degrees and certifications. For others, it’s advancing toward the next step in their career through job-specific credentials and programs. For all, funding can take them farther.

Driving social impact through the transformative power of coaching


Equity-Centered Mission

We are on a mission to close equity gaps and fuel social mobility by empowering and advancing all learners to achieve their goals — transforming lives and organizations while creating lasting social change.

proven impact

Evidence-Based Methodology

Our evidence-based, research-confirmed methodology — listed in the U.S. Department of Education’s “What Works Clearinghouse” of evidence-based practices — is proven to help learners overcome obstacles, clarify goals and stay motivated to succeed.

Coaching Development & Training

Sustainable, Scalable Solutions

Through coaching development and training, we train organizational staff and leadership to use our coaching methodology, helping build in-house capabilities for long-term, sustainable success while supporting exponentially more learners.

Proven impact by the numbers

improvement in two-year completion rates
IVY Tech
return on investment in the first semester, driven by an 8.6%
re-enrollment rate
United Negro College Fund
contacted community college student re-enrollment rate
nc reconnect

Support our Mission

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Philanthropic partnership-funded case studies and partner profiles

North Carolina Reconnect re-enrollment coaching initiative
NC Reconnect: Re-enrollment coaching gives stopped-out learners the tools to return to college and complete their degrees
An innovative re-enrollment initiative called NC Reconnect connected stopped-out learners with coaches to help them re-enroll and persist.
total contacted student re-enrollment rate across three cohorts of 15 schools
21st Century Scholars: Holistic coaching supported Indiana scholarship recipients to stay on track to completion
InsideTrack joined the Indiana Commission of Higher Education to elevate retention and completion rates for 21st Century Scholarship recipients using coaching
increase in retention rate at Ivy Tech
Idaho PTECH: Proactive coaching helps rural Idaho high school students prepare for careers in key industries
Idaho Pathways to Early Career High School (PTECH) and InsideTrack partnered to advance rural high school students along educational and career pathways.
increase in high school graduates pursuing post-secondary education
UNCF and InsideTrack join together for HBCU student success excellence
Nine UNCF institutions brought stopped-out students back to school in an initiative that will expand through a multi-year partnership.
re-enrollment rate

Philanthropic partners with a passion for impact

Reconnect to Complete initiatives address the Some College, No Credential gap

One of InsideTrack’s key mission-driven initiatives is working with states, institutions and funders to find innovative solutions for helping adult learners get back to college to complete a credential or degree — ultimately fueling social and economic opportunities. Work is already underway in multiple states and institutional networks, and the initial results are strong. And expansive initiatives like this can’t happen without crucial funding support. 

young students doing their homework

Launching a successful adult learner re-enrollment program takes a combination of campus leadership who can assess what non-traditional students need to succeed, and perhaps most importantly, a proven engagement model. InsideTrack’s coaching framework proved to be a pivotal difference that positively impacted students, demonstrating higher re-enrollment rates than we had hoped for.

MC Belk Pilon

President & Board Chair, John M. Belk Endowment

InsideTrack is delivering urgently needed support to students and assisting the institutions who serve them in building long-term support capacity.

Peter J. Taylor

Former President, ECMC Foundation

The application of this evidence-based and rigorously tested approach to student coaching with foster youth will bring critical new insights on how we can improve student engagement, persistence, and completion.

Bekah Sabzalian

Former Equitable Education Program Officer, Meyer Memorial Trust

Ready to help us fuel social mobility and close equity gaps?

Partnering together, we can expand the power of coaching to support even more individuals in achieving their educational and career goals, transforming lives and organizations while creating social change.

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