Hear lessons and insights from two statewide re-enrollment initiatives

March 14, 2024
2 p.m. - 3 p.m. EST

How are two innovative initiatives successfully bringing Californians with some college but no credential back to college to complete their education? In a webinar you won’t want to miss, InsideTrack’s Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer, Kai Drekmeier, and UC Riverside University Extension’s Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Marie Martin, Ph.D., share the approaches, early wins, lessons and insights from the UCR Degree Completion Program and California Reconnect — both of which are helping to re-enroll stopped-out students across the state. Be sure to join us for this insightful hour, moderated by UPCEA’s Deputy CEO & Chief Learning Officer, Amy Heitzman.

California Reconnect is a three-year demonstration and research project funded by Kresge Foundation, ECMC Foundation and the Strada Education Foundation that will work with 30 California Community Colleges and CSU Campuses to support students with some college credit but no degree with their effort to return and complete a degree or credential.

The UCR Degree Completion Program is a state-funded initiative and member of a four-UC campus collective referred to as the UC Re Engagement Consortium, designed to help former UC students and other Californians who have some college but no degree successfully return and earn their Bachelor’s degree or a professional certificate, and advance their career.

Watch the "Helping Californians return to college to finish their degrees" webinar on-demand.

Meet the panelists

Kai Drekmeier

Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer, InsideTrack

Marie C. Martin, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, Director of Academic Quality, Integrity, and Assessment, Director of Degree Completion Programs, UC Riverside University Extension

Amy Heitzman Ph.D. (Moderator)

Deputy CEO & Chief Learning Officer, UPCEA

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