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Proven solutions for your enrollment challenges

Today’s enrollment landscape poses more challenges than ever — with a steep decline in traditional-age students, rising costs and people questioning the value of a degree. Yet making quality education accessible is the first step in closing attainment gaps in higher education — ensuring that institutions thrive and learners increase social mobility. 

InsideTrack’s proven enrollment coaching can not only increase your conversion and yield —  it can also help prospective students define long-term goals, identify the best program fit, connect to resources, prepare for registration deadlines, and ultimately feel a stronger sense of belonging. As a result, they’re ready to start strong — committed to your institution and their futures.

Coaching makes a measurable difference on enrollment rates

Working with a dedicated enrollment coach, students learn to define long-term goals and select the right program for them. They develop the mindset, skills and beliefs that lead to success. And they identify challenges and create plans to overcome them.

By experiencing meaningful engagement that fosters a sense of community upfront, students are more likely to enroll and thrive throughout their time with you.

Partner Benefits

Increased enrollment rates and yield

Greater student readiness and satisfaction

More equitable and diverse enrollment

Insight into enrollment pain points and barriers

Enhanced operational effectiveness and bandwidth to support learners

Learner Benefits

A trusted ally trained to address questions and concerns

An understanding of their degree or credential and how it connects to their goals

Better belonging, engagement and connection with the institution

The mindset to persist through challenges

Knowledge, skills and habits critical to college and career success

Tangible enrollment results

increase in yield
enrollment increase year-over-year
additional revenue generated

Enrollment support tailored to your prospective students

Learn how enrollment coaching creates sustained engagement right from the point of inquiry, with coaches working one-on-one with students to prepare them for their first day of classes, ready to succeed.
success coaching

Success Coaching to enroll more learners

Success coaching for enrollment provides positive outreach to students who are thinking about applying to your program. Coaching helps keep students engaged and connected with your institution, building a sense of belonging and developing the knowledge, skills and beliefs that are critical to college success. This includes:

  • Nurturing prospective learners with one-on-one, proactive outreach

  • Helping them navigate the application and enrollment process with defined next steps

  • Creating a clear path forward and filling in any gaps, to and through enrollment

coaching development and training

Coaching development and training to transform your enrollment department

Coaching development and training helps institutions improve their enrollment processes by equipping trained staff with a foundation in proven coaching methodology. These professional services are designed to improve your enrollment program’s outcomes, making the gains sustainable for the long term.

Calculate the impact of enrollment coaching on your program

Our Impact Calculator lets you enter variables specific to your enrollment needs in order to see the potential benefits of enrollment coaching. And while return on investment and yield are at the top of the list, the impact goes well beyond that — including institutional effectiveness, better-prepared students, and actionable trends and insights pulled from student/coach connections.

1000 75000

Based on a two semester academic calendar

3500 75000
0 100

The percentage of additional student leads that InsideTrack can help convert

0 5
1000 100000

Based on a two semester academic calendar

3500 75000

The percentage of additional student leads that InsideTrack can help convert

0 5

Enrollment opportunity


Additional Students


Tuition Dollars/yr

An effective coaching program also yields better-prepared students, who are more likely to persist and succeed, along with actionable trends and insights that can improve overall institutional effectiveness. Based on the projection you have entered you could potentially enroll 300 additional students and gain $1,321,530 in additional annual tuition revenue through an effective enrollment coaching program. However, these are not the only potential benefits.

Learn more about the impact of collaborating with InsideTrack.
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Retention opportunity


Additional Students


Tuition Dollars/yr

Many factors can lead to students dropping out of school - financial issues, family priorities, academics, and lack of motivation are just a few. Many of these reasons are difficult to pinpoint and affect, so a focus on preventable attrition is an important first step. Based on the projection you have entered you could potentially retain 11 additional students and $33,919 annual tuition utilizing a custom InsideTrack solution.

Learn more about the impact of collaborating with InsideTrack.
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Enrollment case studies and partner profiles

Penn State campus
Coaching for inquiry conversion & strong start at Penn State World Campus
Penn State World Campus sought to improve their prospective student enrollment. They partnered with InsideTrack to do just that through personalized coaching.
improvement in enrollment conversion
Prospective student coaching expands access and success at California State University, Northridge
As a result of working with InsideTrack, the Tseng College increased enrollment numbers while maintaining a strong emphasis on student retention and success.
in aggregate enrollment
Increased retention, improved ROI: Coaching and capacity building at Old Dominion University
Historical trends in student outcomes and insights from analytics helped ODU identify first-year students who would be invited to receive coaching.
point increase in yield
Start Strong: Coaching for yield and class shaping at University of Alabama at Birmingham
University of Alabama at Birmingham leveraged proactive coaching to enhance student success. Coaching admitted students increased enrollment and diversity.
increase in enrollment conversion for coached students

Ready to take your enrollment to the next level?

We understand the enrollment challenges your organization — and your prospective students — are facing. That’s why we offer a proven enrollment coaching solution that can be tailored to your desired outcomes.

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