Avoiding common pitfalls in student support

From inconsistent outreach to underutilized resources, common challenges in student support can impact outcomes and performance in a way that can distract from an institution’s mission. 

We’ve analyzed program assessments from colleges and universities in key segments to uncover the distinct trends and patterns that can stand in the way of student and staff success. Based on findings from 40 institutions, we found ten of the most common student support challenges institutions face – such as hard-to-reach student populations and a lack of staff development opportunities.

This report can help you take full advantage of what we learned, from our in-depth review of the 10 core challenges to practical, manageable solutions and real-world examples of how our recommendations made a difference for our institutional partners.

Download to see the ten core student support challenges — and receive solutions and real-world success stories.

Receive recommendations on how to improve student support, including:

  • Creating a comprehensive student journey map
  • Integrating a change management framework
  • Conducting proactive outreach to students
  • Implementing a multichannel communications approach
  • And more!

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