Innovative Reconnect initiatives help learners re-enroll and complete

Addressing the some college, no credential gap

There are currently more than 40 million adults in the United States with some college and no credential. What’s more, research shows that there are significant disparities in education attainment that must be addressed — inequities linked to race and ethnicity that are largely driven by structural barriers.

As institutions face the looming demographic cliff, they can focus on helping students return and fulfill their attainment goals — revitalizing the economy and jump-starting workforce development. That’s the impetus behind InsideTrack’s Reconnect initiatives.

Comprehensive programs to bring adult learners back — and help them succeed

One of InsideTrack’s key mission-driven initiatives is working with states, institutions and funders to find innovative programs to help adult learners get back to college to complete a credential or degree — ultimately fueling their social and economic opportunities. We’re working to address the some college, no credential gap through:

DROP REASONS: InsideTrack collects data through coaching and shares insights into why traditional and adult learners stop out.

High impact, scalable outreach to learners

Multi-faceted and multi-institutional partnerships

Philanthropic support and collaboration

Ongoing action-oriented research and insights collection

Proven coaching solutions that re-enroll learners

Maybe you’re looking to address declining enrollment. Or you’re looking for ways to re-engage learners who stopped out, providing the support they need to re-enroll and complete. Personalized re-enrollment coaching from InsideTrack is a proven solution, giving learners the tools they need to overcome barriers, stay motivated and finish.

California Reconnect

It’s estimated that by 2030, 40% of all jobs in California will require at least a bachelor’s degree — and the state will fall more than a million degrees short. InsideTrack is working with several nonprofits to help former students return to college to complete their credentials. This three-year project, serving up to 30 institutions in areas hit hardest by COVID, pairs proactive coaching outreach with improved student-facing policies, enhanced practices and rich data analysis.

North Carolina Reconnect

Evaluating their ambitious goal of having 2 million residents become college-degreed workers by 2030, North Carolina postsecondary leaders realized they weren’t on pace to make this happen. They partnered with InsideTrack to provide re-enrollment coaching to former students from 15 community colleges statewide. Early success led to a four-year expansion, including retention coaching for 900 students per cohort and training and capacity building for each institution.


Re-enrolling students at UNCF HBCUs

Despite historic underfunding, HBCUs have been advancing socioeconomic mobility for their graduates. UNCF partnered with InsideTrack on a re-enrollment pilot with nine UNCF HBCUs and PBIs. Successful results and funding from philanthropic partners led to a four-year expansion. InsideTrack will provide enrollment, re-enrollment and retention coaching to 30,000 more students across 15 HBCUs, plus training and coaching development to create sustainable coaching programs at 10 institutions.

Ready to re-engage adult learners and meet attainment goals?

If you’re interested in learning more about our Reconnect to Complete initiatives — and how we can work with you to maximize impact for stopped-out learners — we’d love to talk.