March 2, 2023

ON DEMAND WEBINAR: Black institutions and holistic coaching unite to fuel student success

It’s no secret that belonging is a core strength of HBCUs and PBIs. So what if we were able to transform that informal strength into even stronger structured student support practices and systemic institutional change to fuel greater student success and advancement on Black campuses? InsideTrack’s evidence-based, holistic coaching methodology is proven to do just that.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Hear from our partners at the Partnership for Education Advancement and the United Negro College Fund about how HBCUs and PBIs can leverage the power of InsideTrack coaching to transform connection and belonging

  • Learn how InsideTrack coaching is evidence-based, research-confirmed and designed to meet students exactly where they are – and improve institutional student success metrics 

  • See how our pilot initiative with UNCF and several member institutions surpassed re-enrollment goals through one-on-one coaching – and why our HBCU partnerships are now expanding the power of coaching across their institution networks

Watch the HBCUs Unlock the Power of Coaching webinar on-demand.

Meet the panelists

Megan Breiseth

Associate VP of Learning and Development at InsideTrack

Julian Thompson

Director of Strategy at Institute for Capacity Building, UNCF

Ka’rin Thornburg

Director of Enrollment Management at Partnership for Education Advancement

Malika Clinkscales (Moderator)

Associate VP of Partner Success at InsideTrack

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