Together, we can achieve a brighter, more equitable future

Our Mission

Our mission is to fuel social mobility and close equity gaps by empowering and advancing all learners. We use the power of coaching to support individuals in achieving their educational and career goals — transforming lives and organizations while creating social change.

Our Vision

We envision a world where every individual receives and gives support tailored to their unique identities, assets and needs — enabling individuals, families, communities and societies to thrive in full justice and equity.

Our Impact Framework

We pursue a mix of direct, widespread and systemic impact to help us achieve our goal of greater empowerment and equity for all individuals.

Direct Impact

InsideTrack delivers one-on-one coaching that provides holistic support to students, learners and workers — especially those with the most barriers to overcome. We partner with institutions and organizations to connect with learners across the nation, directly helping individuals to advance along their educational and career pathways.

Widespread Impact

InsideTrack trains institutional and organizational staff in our research-proven coaching methodology, creating the opportunity for organizations to sustainably fuel long-term and scalable success. Building the capacity of other organizations allows for connection with and impact on even more learners.

Systemic Impact

InsideTrack builds collaboration and momentum toward our vision for change, working with policymakers and program leaders to replicate and scale evidence-based coaching programs across the country. This systems-level change shifts mindsets and maximizes impact, ultimately aiming to ensure that every individual has access to coaching.

InsideTrack Impact Report: Celebrating 20 Years of Student Success

For more than 20 years, we’ve worked to create opportunity, fuel social mobility and improve educational outcomes for all learners. See the power of coaching in our 2021 Impact Report.

Funding takes our impact further

Outside funding allows us to work with institutions and organizations who lack the resources to bring coaching support and in-house coaching development to their learners and workers. Here are some of the ways we’re able to expand our impact.

Building philanthropic partnerships

As a mission-driven nonprofit, InsideTrack partners with foundations with a shared passion for educational and career advancement, helping us increase our reach and impact as we follow our mission to improve equity and advance social mobility.

Maximizing federal grants

Federal grant programs can provide colleges, universities and workforce organizations with the funding required to develop and implement research-proven, sustainable programs to support learners at every stage of their journey.

Supporting learners in crisis through direct donations

A small grant at the right time can change the life of a learner or worker. That’s the idea behind our Emergency Support Fund. When our coaches identify someone in an emergency situation, a small monetary grant can change their trajectory.

Strategic initiatives help organizations and learners thrive

Working with higher education and workforce leaders, InsideTrack partners with funders to implement long-term strategic initiatives, designed to harness the power of coaching to help individuals reach their goals.

Find the news and information you need in our Resource Hub

Our comprehensive Resource Hub is your go-to for all things coaching. Case studies and partner profiles? Check. A blog full of coaching tips and industry insights? Check. Webinars, reports and learner stories? Check, check and check. For higher ed and workforce information you can really use, it’s all right here.

Ready to join forces to help us expand our impact?

If we’ve piqued your interest and you’d like to learn more about the different ways InsideTrack works to take our impact farther, we’re here and would love to talk with you.