Preparing students with the skills and mindset to succeed in college and beyond

Putting the focus on college and career readiness

Every student possesses the potential to get a postsecondary education that fits their economic and career goals. But too often, a myriad of obstacles makes the connection to college a challenge. That’s why it’s crucial to give high school students the tools they need to be college-ready — building a college-going identity, exposing them to different career paths, and creating a mindset for success that will support them to and through school.

Holistic support to connect the dots between high school, college and career

Using our research-proven methodology, our coaches work with students to fill the gap between high school and college, making sure they’re well prepared to move through education and onto a chosen career path. Our evidence-based and trauma-informed approach instills the value of education and connects individuals to the promise of economic opportunity that education can offer.

We coach learners to advance along both degree and non-degree pathways — supporting them in earning degrees, certificates and training that will create the future they want for themselves, their families and their communities.

Why InsideTrack?

Empowered change that advances learners and delivers organizational transformation
Proven methodology that’s evidence-based and research-confirmed
Tailored outcomes that meet partner-defined goals
Holistic, human-powered technology that enables scalable support
Equitable approach that fuels social mobility through coaching
Expert coaches who are skilled and well-trained

Proven college readiness results

post-secondary go-on rate, compared to 45% previously
personalized coaching debrief sessions with staff
kipp public schools

Explore coaching solutions for college readiness

InsideTrack coaching can support students to finish high school, develop a college-going identity, choose a program that's right for them, and stay motivated to and through completion — weaving in career readiness along the way.

And through development and training, we can support your in-house staff to embed our holistic coaching methodology to drive student engagement and advancement for the long term.

College readiness case studies and partner profiles

Idaho PTECH: Proactive coaching helps rural Idaho high school students prepare for careers in key industries
Idaho Pathways to Early Career High School (PTECH) and InsideTrack partnered to advance rural high school students along educational and career pathways.
increase in high school graduates pursuing post-secondary education
woman working at standing desk

Coaching Development

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Trusted partners in the college readiness sector

The in-depth coach training, certifications and ongoing development from InsideTrack have taken our internal processes and student support to the next level. InsideTrack coaching has given us a framework and tools that really allow us to meet every student exactly where they are, and to advance them toward the college or career path that’s right for them.

Diane Adams-White

Managing Director, KIPP Forward

Using InsideTrack’s innovative remote coaching, we’re able to support students regardless of their geographic location. Building out Idaho’s talent pipeline not only meets the demands of Idaho’s workforce and enhances our state’s overall economic success, but it also ensures individual career success for our students.

Alan Miller

Founder and Former Executive Director, Idaho PTECH

Too often, students from economically disenfranchised communities must choose between taking on low-wage jobs with limited growth potential or risking long-term debt by pursuing a traditional college degree. We believe there is a third way that is a better and more equitable alternative. Our work is about creating an alternative model to help young adults access a faster and more affordable pathway to good-paying jobs. Providing intensive coaching and wrap-around support is a foundational component of our jobs-first education strategy.

Paymon Rouhanifard

Co-Founder and Former CEO, Propel America

Advancing students’ college and career opportunities is at the heart of what we do at IDEA. We’ve had a 100% college acceptance rate for 11 years running. We also want to ensure that our graduates thrive in college and in their careers. That is why we’re working with InsideTrack, who brings two decades of experience helping students develop the skills, attitudes and habits that will enable them to overcome challenges, take full advantage of the college experience and graduate ready for meaningful careers.

Phillip Garza

Chief College and Diversity Officer at IDEA Public Schools

Let’s partner to help students find their path beyond high school

Working together, we can coach your students to connect to their goals, prepare for college, define a career path and make their mark on the world.

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