Strengthening student support for online, professional and continuing ed programs

Adult-focused programs help learners reach educational and career goals

The need for online, professional and continuing education programs has never been greater, providing a path for learners juggling work, school and life to earn a degree or credential in order to advance their employment opportunities. While these programs excel at providing the flexibility working students require, these same students often struggle with finding the right fit, making connections to resources, navigating the enrollment process and persisting through challenges. That’s where coaching can help students thrive.

Connecting learners to their school, their program and their future

Understanding the cyclical nature of higher education, InsideTrack provides flexible levels of coaching support to your institution, with the ability to scale and shift priorities to meet your specific needs. With over 20 years of experience supporting learners of all types, we're fully equipped and ready to help you best support your students, wherever they are.

Having an InsideTrack coach means having support to engage in the enrollment process, discover a sense of belonging, and juggle family and work. It puts someone in their corner to help them navigate the system and overcome obstacles. And it connects them to their “why” for completing their education and jump-starting their future.

Why InsideTrack?

Empowered change that advances learners and delivers organizational transformation
Proven methodology that’s evidence-based and research-confirmed
Tailored outcomes that meet partner-defined goals
Holistic, human-powered technology that enables scalable support
Equitable approach that fuels social mobility through coaching
Expert coaches who are skilled and well-trained

Measurable and meaningful partner results

increase in yield
increase in enrollment
increase in aggregate enrollment

Coaching that’s proven to help learners enroll and finish their credential

InsideTrack coaches meet learners at every stage of their journey, helping them to enroll, persist and complete programs that support them to advance in their career. And we can work directly with your staff to weave coaching methodology into your everyday support — building capacity and strengthening consistency of support for your students.

Online, professional and continuing education case studies

Penn State campus
Coaching for inquiry conversion & strong start at Penn State World Campus
Penn State World Campus sought to improve their prospective student enrollment. They partnered with InsideTrack to do just that through personalized coaching.
improvement in enrollment conversion
Golden Gate University improved enrollment and student support during a pandemic
Golden Gate University partnered with InsideTrack to increase enrollment numbers and provide support for newly enrolled students.
increase in fall 2020 enrollment
Prospective student coaching expands access and success at California State University, Northridge
As a result of working with InsideTrack, the Tseng College increased enrollment numbers while maintaining a strong emphasis on student retention and success.
in aggregate enrollment
woman working at standing desk

Coaching Development

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Our trusted partners

InsideTrack's team of dedicated enrollment coaches assists my team in achieving our mission of open access and active learning for our students. They provide customized outbound outreach and provide us with valuable feedback on the overall prospective student experience. They're a wonderful extension of our team.

Sean Cleary

Assistant Director of Enrollment Service, Harvard Division of Continuing Education

While we're committed to expanding our offerings in order to meet such demand, growth in this area should not come at the expense of quality and outcomes. We elected to enter into a public-private partnership with InsideTrack because we felt that the organization shared our values and focus on supporting prospective students in making informed application decisions, and preparing for a strong start. In short, we felt that InsideTrack focus is rightly on coaching, and not ‘convincing’.

Jonathan Clayden

Assistant Dean, Program & Enrollment Management, California State University, Northridge, Tseng College

In addition to helping us achieve aggressive growth while not only maintaining but improving quality, InsideTrack helps us incorporate continuous improvement in everything we do. The student insights and data they provide ensure that our results will be sustainable and that we’re scaling up in the right way.

Tracey D. Huston

Emeritus Vice President for Outreach, Penn State World Campus

Our collaboration with InsideTrack helped us create an enrollment experience that’s more seamless for the student and provides them with personalized support to start their higher ed journey on the right track.

Josh Burgher

Former CEO and CFO, Golden Gate University

Let’s partner to give your students the boost they need to enroll, complete and advance their careers

Working together, we can help learners connect or reconnect with their educational goals, prepared to persist and complete what they started.

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