Maximize federal grants to empower and advance those you serve

Expanding your impact with federal funding

Federal grants can provide a crucial funding source for implementing sustainable learner-support programs and initiatives — both for higher education institutions and workforce organizations. We support organizations to implement full-scale coaching initiatives using federal funding, including Department of Education and Department of Labor grant programs such as (but not limited to):

  • Title III and Title V

  • Post-secondary Student Success Grant

  • Perkins


  • Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

We work with organizations like yours to provide guidance during project and proposal development to incorporate our sustainable student support services into a grant-funded project, aligning your goals with federal requirements. Ultimately, we partner to provide sustainable impact through our evidence-based and equity-forward student-support programs — helping learners to obtain the training and education they want and organizations to develop the capacity to maintain strong support. And when appropriate, we have a number of research organizations that we can bring to the conversation. 

How InsideTrack can help


Equity-Centered Mission

As a nonprofit, our mission is to help close equity gaps and fuel social mobility by supporting the beliefs and behaviors that drive learner success, with an emphasis on groups that have historically been underserved by education and workforce systems.

proven impact

Evidence-Based Methodology

Our evidence-based, research-confirmed methodology — listed in the U.S. Department of Education’s “What Works Clearinghouse” of evidence-based practices — is proven to help learners overcome obstacles, clarify goals and stay motivated to succeed. 

Coaching Development & Training

Sustainable, Scalable Solutions

Along with direct coaching, we also help train and develop organizational staff in our proven coaching methodology, embedding holistic student-support practices across departments to propel sustainable impact for years to come.

Proven impact of federal grant-funded partnerships

higher retention rate among coached students
case managers and admissions staff trained as coaches
increase in retention over historical average after first year of staff training

Support our Mission

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Federally funded partnership case studies and partner profiles

Illinois Central College: Midwest community college boasts 18% higher retention during coaching phase of multi-year student success redesign
Illinois Central College partnered with InsideTrack on a long-term academic redesign that utilized coaching for transformation.
higher retention rate among coached students
Federal funding for institutional transformation and sustainable impact at North Central Texas College
Federal funding for institutional transformation and sustainable impact at NCTC sparked a culture shift using coaching. See How.
Waubonsee Community College: Illinois HSI uses Title V grant to better support Latine and adult learners
WCC leverages Title V funding to make changes that ensure student-centered support, partnering with InsideTrack to build the support to close achievement gaps
Waubonsee case managers and admissions staff trained as coaches

Our partners in sustainable transformation 

Frequently asked questions about federal grant support

We know learner support initiatives can be challenging and costly to implement. Since 2007, our partners have used funding from more than 75 federal grant awards to support their work with us. We have the experience needed to walk alongside institutions and organizations like yours to implement the transformation you want to see. For more information on federal grant funding, explore our frequently asked questions.

The reason we used Title III funding for coaching and capacity building services is right there in the name: Capacity building. To do this well, it takes time, and very intentional planning, and intentional action. So what's great about the partnership with InsideTrack is they understand this isn't something that you do one-and-done... It's really about a mindset change in how we approach students, how we support students, how we empower students to make decisions for themselves.

Jill Blair

Former Title III Project Director, Illinois Central College

Our initial intention as a college was, ‘Let’s do more than advise and register students: Let’s engage and develop them and truly coach them toward meeting their goals.’ So that was our primary goal in the first few years. Since then, our goal has evolved into, ‘Let’s create a coaching culture throughout the institution. How do we do that? What does that look like? And how do we take what we’ve learned from InsideTrack and adapt it to all the different roles?’

Bekah Sanchez

Student Services Grant Manager, North Central Texas College


This work is about better understanding the student journey—as adults, Latinx, and other historically excluded populations experience it—and transforming our approach to coaching, advising, and creating streamlined pathways to a degree or credential.

Dr. Christine Sobek

President, Waubonsee Community College


Across our sites, we have identified that many of the young people we serve would benefit from mentoring. Many local communities do not have high-quality and evidence-based programs to meet the needs of these young adults. Partnering with InsideTrack means that we can better serve these communities, and better serve young adults, helping them meet their goals and change their lives.

Bradley Williams

Chief Customer Officer and Vice President, Equus Workforce Solutions

Let’s partner to maximize the impact of federal grant funding.

Working together, we can use grant funding to impact the lives of the individuals you serve with long-term, sustainable and federal requirement-aligned programs.

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