What Is InsideTrack Coaching?

InsideTrack Coaching is a highly effective solution that provides holistic, tailored support to individuals on their way to achieving their educational and career goals. Using our evidence-based, research-confirmed methodology, our coaches assess and address potential risk factors and opportunities to help individuals develop the knowledge, skills and beliefs they need to advance. 

Our equity-centered coaching model is designed to support all learners, empowering individuals to overcome barriers, harness the power of their own strengths and progress toward their full potential.

Holistic and personalized

Our relationship-based approach to coaching helps individuals assess their unique challenges in and outside of school, reconnect with their strengths and values to build motivation, and co-create a plan for achieving their goals. Coaches support learners in building knowledge, confidence and purpose as they manage school, family, work and other commitments — all designed to promote lifelong success and lasting transformation.

Human-powered and tech-enabled

Our strategic outreach approach delivers various levels of flexible support — from scheduled reminders to intensive one-on-one coaching sessions. Coaches connect the way that works best for each individual, whether that’s by phone, email, text or video chat. While technology enables our coaches to achieve broad reach and scale, our impact is always rooted in personalized, authentic connection and support.

Coaching for educational and career advancement

From colleges and universities to the workforce and beyond

With deep roots in higher education, we continue to coach students at community colleges, public and private universities, online programs and beyond. But that's just part of the story. We also provide coaching for local and national workforce boards, state work-related agencies and employer talent development.

Coaching can help your organization:

Improve enrollment and re-enrollment
Help learners persist and complete
Accelerate career readiness
Upskill and reskill employees
Build a culture of inclusion and belonging

Two pathways to maximize the impact of coaching

InsideTrack offers two coaching pathways to support your organization in achieving your desired strategic outcomes and learner impact. With Success Coaching, we directly coach your learners. With Coaching Development and Training, we teach you how to provide high-impact coaching support — ultimately creating in-house coaching capacity with sustainable impact for years to come.

success coaching

Success Coaching

With Success Coaching, our highly trained InsideTrack coaches work directly with your learners, on your behalf, helping them identify, address and overcome barriers in order to achieve their educational and career goals.

Learner Benefits

Individuals get the support that they need to reach key milestones along their learning journey and achieve success both during and beyond the coaching relationship.

Partner Benefits

Institutions and organizations gain immediate bandwidth and flexibility to meet their learners’ needs. In addition, your InsideTrack partnership team reports on coaching takeaways that offer your organization actionable insights into pain points and challenges.

coaching development and training

Coaching Development & Training

With Coaching Development and Training, we teach our coaching methodology to your support teams through in-depth training, observation and ongoing feedback. We also offer certifications for each of our learning programs that equip leaders and staff with the tools to sustain coaching practices in-house.

Partner Benefits

Organizations build the internal capacity to deliver effective and sustainable coaching support to their own learners, helping to drive strategic outcomes.

Learner Benefits

Coaching-powered organizations create a ripple effect for all current and future learners, as the culture of support shifts from transactional to transformational.

Stackable solutions for transformational change

When paired together, our two coaching pathways provide the ultimate foundation for sustainable impact. Success Coaching drives immediate results for today’s learners and generates buy-in for organizational change, while Coaching Development and Training equips staff with enhanced capacity and the ability to better serve the learners of tomorrow.

Six proven components of a high-quality coaching program

Collaborative program design and management

Our team of experts designs a program specific to your learners and your needs. We then provide ongoing consultation and strategic support throughout the partnership to optimize and adapt program processes.

Quality development for continuous improvement

Through ongoing quality debriefs and numerous certification opportunities, we ensure that coaches continually grow their skills, increase effectiveness and drive impact. By doing so, our coaches — and learners — thrive.

Data integration and implementation support

Prior to program launch, we work closely with your team to define communication protocols and integrate your learner data with our coaching platform to track key milestones.

Reporting and analysis for measurable outcomes

Our program team provides monthly reports on key metrics including coaching utilization, focus areas and behavioral data, as well as trend analysis and learner survey feedback.

Proactive, personalized outreach by highly trained professional coaches

InsideTrack coaches hone their craft through 100+ hours of professional development, mastering the skills to outreach to your learners and provide holistic, learner-centered and strengths-based support.

Actionable learner insights for the organization

Coaching generates actionable insights about learner preferences and challenges — insights we share with partners to enhance the support experience for your current and future learners.

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The best coaches produce the best results

The standards for InsideTrack coaches are very high, with each coach undergoing a rigorous and formal training and certification process — resulting in strong skills and expertise. And these coaches have something even more valuable than expertise, skills and dedication: passion for the work they do and belief in the individuals they work with.

Ready to learn more about how coaching can support your learners?

If you’d like to find out more about how InsideTrack coaching can fuel change for your learners — and your organization — we’d love to hear from you.