Meeting critical learner needs with Crisis Support Services

Sometimes learners face concerns more pressing than their educational or career goals — concerns such as safety, food and housing insecurity, financial issues, or emotional distress such as grief, anxiety and thoughts of suicide. It’s during these crisis situations that InsideTrack’s Crisis Support Services (CSS) team steps in, offering the critical support learners need while navigating their pathway to opportunity.

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Stabilizing support in times of crisis

InsideTrack’s Crisis Support Services team is an escalation point for learners experiencing situations of crisis or who don’t have their basic needs met. When one of our highly trained coaches comes across a learner struggling with a potentially serious situation, they connect that student with a member of the CSS team — a specially trained and certified team uniquely qualified to assess and stabilize the situation. The CSS team member then connects the student with campus and community resources, providing additional support via Emergency Support Microgrants as needed.

We offer crisis support services as part of all success coaching programs because we care about the individuals we coach as people, not just learners. Our wraparound support extends into their concerns beyond their classroom or workplace.

Learner Stories

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Nicole’s Story — Getting basic needs met
After a layoff, Nicole turned to a career-coaching program for help while she looked for a job. With a very limited budget, the only apartment she could afford left a lot to be desired — including heat, space and access to a kitchen. These challenging living conditions made a stressful job search even more stressful. Upon hearing this, Nicole’s coach alerted the InsideTrack CSS team. They were able to get her a sorely needed space heater — along with groceries and a mid-sized refrigerator. With her basic needs taken care of, Nicole was able to fully focus on finding employment — which she did.
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Stephen’s Story — Ensuring shelter
An older man, Stephen was moving into a new home when he got into a car accident, which added to his major health issues. With a damaged car and two flat tires on the trailer he had to move into — all while he was trying to apply to a local university — Stephen ended up parked in a grocery store lot. Before long, the store issued an ultimatum: move the car or it would be repossessed, which would mean no shelter for himself and his three dogs. That’s when our CSS team funded tires for Stephen’s trailer and stayed on the phone with him as he went to the pharmacy for much-needed medication. They also encouraged him to hold off on his university application and connected him with resources for securing more stable housing.
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Amy’s Story — A place to sleep and eat
A full-time employee and mom, Amy was also putting herself through a certification program for a job in health care, but she found herself without stable housing. She was spending her money on hotel rooms with internet so she and her son could both complete their online school work. While she connected with all of the government and nonprofit agencies that could help, they were all within holding periods for accessible housing. And even though she received food from the SNAP program, the hotel rooms often didn’t have kitchens. When our CSS team found out, they funded a week-long stay at a hotel with internet and a kitchenette. While temporary, this gave her a place to sleep and feed herself and her son so she could continue working toward bettering her life.
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Students in Crisis: A Usage Analysis of InsideTrack Crisis Support Services

Through the pandemic and beyond, our team has seen a soaring need for crisis support services for higher ed students. See the data from the work of our CSS team.

Donate to fund Emergency Support Microgrants for learners in crisis

InsideTrack’s CSS team relies on our Emergency Support Microgrants to support learners experiencing crisis situations. Your donation will help ensure that learners in crisis nationwide can get the trained, compassionate support they need.