Helping workforce organizations connect individuals to meaningful employment

Fueling economic mobility through education and career support

Promoting a diverse and equitable workforce is not only in the best interest of employers, but it’s also crucial for the public good. A key part of creating a talent pipeline is connecting individuals to meaningful employment.

Job seekers need to be equipped to navigate their career pathways and utilize available resources along the way, building social capital as they grow and advance. Creating skilled, educated workers for in-demand industries is a triple win — for individuals, employers and society. InsideTrack partners with entities across the workforce landscape, including:

  • Local and regional workforce boards

  • County and state workforce entities

  • Nonprofit and for-profit workforce organizations

Personalized coaching to support educational and career advancement

Our research-proven coaching supports career discovery, helping individuals get a job, internship or apprenticeship that leads to long-term career success. We also help participants enroll in education programs that can help them upskill or reskill, then support them to persist as they manage school, work, family and personal commitments. Our holistic methodology is trauma-informed and equity-focused, designed to connect all individuals to resources and motivation to achieve their goals.

Why InsideTrack?

Empowered change that advances learners and delivers organizational transformation
Proven methodology that’s evidence-based and research-confirmed
Tailored outcomes that meet partner-defined goals
Holistic, human-powered technology that enables scalable support
Equitable approach that fuels social mobility through coaching
Expert coaches who are skilled and well-trained

Trauma-informed, equity-centered

Coaching interactions are trauma-informed and facilitated with cultural competence and humility — ensuring our coaches meet learners where they are before the problem solving begins.

success coaching

Coaching for career connection and advancement

We use personalized coaching to help job seekers access the employment, education, training and support services needed to succeed in today’s labor market.

Coaching Development & Training

Bringing coaching capacity in-house

By embedding our proven coaching methodology into your existing support systems, we can create sustainable impact for your organization and the individuals you serve.

The numbers add up to workforce success

improvement in self-reported skill level after coaching
increase in enrollment in certificate programs
agreed that "I felt more prepared to achieve my career goal(s)"

Using WIOA and other federal funding to maximize program impact

InsideTrack supports organizations to leverage federal funding to implement coaching programs — including Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) funding. We have partnered with organizations to utilize WIOA Youth Program funding and level up their youth mentorship programs, bringing proven coaching methodology to the mentorship space. See how you can partner with InsideTrack using federal funding.

Workforce case studies & partner profiles

Equus Workforce Solutions: Evidence-based coaching elevates youth mentoring at workforce boards across the nation
Equus Workforce Solutions partners with InsideTrack to level up mentorship with an evidence-based coaching program. Coaching elevates youth mentoring.
Connecting job seekers to employment in Prince George’s County through evidence-based coaching
See how workforce nonprofit Employ Prince George’s is implementing coach training to fuel employment opportunities for job seekers.
North Carolina Reconnect re-enrollment coaching initiative
NC Reconnect: Re-enrollment coaching gives stopped-out learners the tools to return to college and complete their degrees
An innovative re-enrollment initiative called NC Reconnect connected stopped-out learners with coaches to help them re-enroll and persist.
total contacted student re-enrollment rate across three cohorts of 15 schools
SkillUp: Group career coaching connects workers to the tools they need to upskill
SkillUp participants looking to reskill, upskill or advance get support from InsideTrack coaches through online group career coaching.
individuals have signed up for career coaching sessions since 2021
UNCF and InsideTrack join together for HBCU student success excellence
Nine UNCF institutions brought stopped-out students back to school in an initiative that will expand through a multi-year partnership.
re-enrollment rate

Trusted partners in the workforce sector

EmployNV Youth Hub

InsideTrack helped us establish a mentoring pilot program for EmployNV Youth Hub participants in order to provide another source of support for young adults aged 16 to 24. Six months into the pilot, more than three-quarters of the original group remain actively engaged. By encouraging young adults to form lasting, strong relationships with people who champion their career goals, we can help set them up for success in all areas of life. We are excited to see this program grow.

Ricardo Villalobos, Ph.D

Chief Programs Officer, Workforce Connections

This is about moving beyond basic case management support for people in career transitions and using an evidenced-based approach to truly understand and assist job seekers who are experiencing complex human, social, cultural, and economic challenges to achieving a livable wage and maintaining a middle-class household. It’s an example of the type of worker-centered innovation that can enable us to help every individual overcome obstacles facing them and to find gainful, meaningful, and sustainable employment.

Walter Simmons

President & CEO, Employ Prince George’s


Across our sites, we have identified that many of the young people we serve would benefit from mentoring. Many local communities do not have high-quality and evidence-based programs to meet the needs of these young adults. Partnering with InsideTrack means that we can better serve these communities, and better serve young adults, helping them meet their goals and change their lives.

Bradley Williams

Chief Customer Officer and Vice President, Equus Workforce Solutions

In this new-look labor market, we need to find accessible and creative ways to help high-potential workers regain their career footing in a fast-changing economy. These promising results demonstrate the impact that virtual career coaching can have across a wide range of formats.

Steve Lee

Executive Director, SkillUp Coalition

This online coaching program with proven experts provides another avenue for residents to succeed in finding their next career step.

Fred Payne

Former Commissioner of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development

We not only empowered students to reach their full potential, but also set them on the path to long-term success in growing industries, which also benefits local employers and the state's economy.

Dr. Susan Wolff

Former CEO & Dean, Great Falls College

Let’s partner to develop the workforce of tomorrow

Working together, we can use the power of coaching to help all individuals develop social capital, gain education and training, and secure meaningful employment.