Explore the transformative power of coaching in our interactive impact report

For 20 years, we’ve worked to create opportunity and improve educational and career outcomes for all learners — and as a nonprofit organization we are on a mission to further equitable social impact through the power of coaching. That’s why we want to share the impact with you in our first-ever interactive Impact Report!

Experience 20 years of coaching success through animated infographics, student story videos and more. For the best experience, explore the report in full-screen mode. For mobile users, click the GIF buttons to see infographics in motion.

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4-year Colleges and Universities
College Readiness Programs
Community Colleges
Higher Education
Online, Professional & Continuing Education
Talent Development
Workforce Development
Career Readiness
Coaching Development & Training
Coaching Methodology
Partner Outcomes
Adult Education
Learner Impact
Student Support
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

A personalized approach to coaching, designed to empower change

At InsideTrack, coaching is both an art and a science. Our evidence-based, research-confirmed methodology focuses on the goals, values and well-being of each learner. This methodology is adapted from the best practices of some of the nation’s leading thinkers on learning engagement. And we continue to refine our approach based on new research — while our highly trained and certified coaches always bring heart and soul to their connections with learners.

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