Supporting HSIs and the students they serve

Strengthening student success for all learners at HSIs

Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs) have a proud history of supporting Latine and other students, working to improve enrollment and completion rates to help all learners achieve their goals. Yet despite the federal HSI designation, many Latine/x/a/o and Hispanic students still experience a college setting in which the majority of the student body and the professoriate don’t look like them.

In a deep commitment to both their Latine and non-Hispanic students, it’s critical that HSIs weave cultural competence and humility into student support and success, fostering the sense of belonging and connection to institutional resources that is critical to a student’s success. And at InsideTrack, we leverage holistic and culturally responsive one-on-one coaching to help HSIs do just that.

Using personalized coaching to build community and help students reach their goals

InsideTrack partners with HSIs to implement holistic coaching practices that advance students toward their goals — ultimately improving enrollment, persistence, completion and career readiness. For us, supporting Hispanic Serving Institutions is all about “servingness” — how we view the “S” in HSI. And we see coaching as an integral part of “servingness” — providing students with the tailored support they need to lean into their own strengths, overcome obstacles and actualize their potential is what servingness is all about.

We’re also experienced at maximizing federal grant funding (including Title V and Title III grants) to take institutional support further. And along with direct coaching, we can provide change management, in-depth training and certifications to develop sustainable in-house coaching programs, giving you the knowledge and tools to provide coaching to your students in the long run.

Why InsideTrack?

Empowered change that advances learners and delivers organizational transformation
Proven methodology that’s evidence-based and research-confirmed
Tailored outcomes that meet partner-defined goals
Holistic, human-powered technology that enables scalable support
Equitable approach that fuels social mobility through coaching
Expert coaches who are skilled and well-trained

The numbers add up to HSI success

HSI partners served
enrollment increase year-over-year
case managers and admissions staff trained as coaches

Coaching that’s proven to power student and institutional success

Ready to discover how personalized coaching can be the catalyst that transforms HSI student and institutional outcomes? InsideTrack coaching can help HSIs incorporate success coaching into their enrollment, re-enrollment and retention practices, as well as build institutional capacity by creating personalized coaching programs at scale.

HSI case studies and partner profiles

Waubonsee Community College: Illinois HSI uses Title V grant to better support Latine and adult learners
WCC leverages Title V funding to make changes that ensure student-centered support, partnering with InsideTrack to build the support to close achievement gaps
Waubonsee case managers and admissions staff trained as coaches
woman working at standing desk

Coaching Development

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Trusted partners in the HSI sector

Embracing the diversity within our student population, our collaboration with InsideTrack and the dedication of our success coaches have ignited a path towards success, where every individual’s unique story is nurtured and celebrated.

Cynara Suarez, Ed S

Associate Director Online Student Services, Florida International University Online

Since utilizing InsideTrack’s methodology, ACC’s academic guidance team has been empowered to guide students to success through a) personalized engagement with intentional discussions around their opportunities and challenges to success, b) growth mindset to ensure the time and effort we put into our students is continually assessed and improved for the most positive student outcomes, and c) that each student realizes their educational goals for the future they deserve.

Dr. Shasta Buchanan

Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Austin Community College


The advisors, managers and front-line student support staff at Waubonsee are fully committed to serving the specialized needs of our Latinx student population — and the coaching training we're receiving from InsideTrack is a big part of that. Ultimately, by having our staff go through a three-year capacity building program, we will be better able to support all students for years to come.

Dr. Stacey Randall

Executive Dean for Institutional Effectiveness & Title V Project Director, Waubonsee Community College

Amarillo College is a predominantly Hispanic serving institution whose students are also predominantly first-generation college students. InsideTrack's coaching model has given our success coaches the tools they need to address students' concerns and needs though an empathetic framework. Using the GROW model, we coach and then empower our students to take action and accountability for their education. The ongoing support and training with InsideTrack has allowed AC to onboard new success coaches at various intervals, as well as give existing coaches an opportunity to build their skills. This model is changing lives at Amarillo College for both students and success coaches.

Becky Burton, M.Ed

Associate Vice President of Academic Learning, Amarillo College

Almost always, students said the key thing that benefited them the most was the coaching. Above the money, above all the other services that we could provide for them, they said ‘Yeah, that was nice, but it was the coaching that got me through.’

Bekah Sanchez

Student Services Grant Manager, North Central Texas College

Let’s partner to empower students to thrive at your HSI

Working together, we can provide specialized support for Latine students to help them connect, engage and accomplish their goals at each stage of their journey, becoming career-ready and prepared to succeed.

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