Build coaching capacity to transform your organization

Coaching development and training creates immediate results and lasting improvement

From college readiness programs and higher ed institutions to workforce boards and employer-backed talent programs, we help organizations level up their support for the individuals they serve through in-house coaching development, training programs, change management and specialized certifications. 

By integrating InsideTrack’s coaching methodology into teams, workflows and leadership across your organization, departmental support goes from transactional to transformational. As a result, internal teams become more proactive and holistic in their work. And when coaching is stitched into your operational philosophy and delivery, it becomes the fabric of your organization — and your community.

Training in-house staff to make tangible impact

coaching development & training partnerships
retention increase in staff-coached students, compared to non-coached students
LaSalle U
points greater student satisfaction after advising redesign
illinois central college

Changing learner lives — and organizational trajectories

We partner with purpose-led organizations to implement customized coaching development and training programs, including comprehensive training in our proven methodology, collaborative program design, strategic consulting, certification opportunities, needs assessments and more. 

Supporting institutions to leverage internal or external funding and implement in-house coaching programs means that we build in sustainability from the beginning. And we support all levels of support staff and leadership — ensuring individuals get holistic support to thrive at any point in their learning journey and organizations are set up for long-term success.

Partner Benefits

Increased staff capacity and employee satisfaction

Professional development and skill-building opportunities

Boosted program utilization, enrollment and completion rates

A more engaged, holistic, learner-centered approach

Clearer institutional strategy and goal attainment

Learner Benefits

More consistent support received from all departments

Increased feelings of motivation and knowledge of next steps

Clearer understanding of available resources

Improved ability to define and reach their goals

Greater connection to their “why” for their educational and career pathways

Customized levels of support to match your needs

Our coaching development services are stackable and tailored to meet the needs of the organizational outcomes you’re looking to fulfill. We partner with you to design a right-sized solution based on your organization's short- and long-term goals and readiness for transformation.

Coaching to spark change

To introduce a new way to engage with your learners, apply our proven coaching methodology to your existing support programs and processes.

  • Add coaching to your staff’s approach with comprehensive, reinforced trainings

  • Gain opportunities for practice and feedback, promoting growth in coaching practices

  • Strengthen leadership team with coaching and change management skills

Coaching to sustain impact

To embrace a new and scalable way to approach support for individuals at your organization, build a sustainable in-house coaching program.

  • Certify in-house coaches and coach observers to embed coaching methodology into everyday support practices

  • Prepare and train managers to lead a team of coaches

  • Teach organizational staff to observe coaching interactions

Coaching to transform organizations

To become an organization focused on long-term impact and support for the individuals you serve, weave coaching methodology across staff, leadership and processes.

  • Develop a sustainable in-house coaching program with a multi-year, phased implementation

  • Implement a “train-the-trainer” model, equipping staff to train new coaches and sustain coaching methodology in-house

  • Become a coaching-powered organization by embedding coaching methodology and mindset in all levels of staff, leadership and strategy

Key components of coaching development and training

With over 20 years of coaching expertise combined with experience building in-house capacity for more than 130 organizations, we partner with you to design a comprehensive program that combines a range of components, tailored to ensure high quality and impact.

Program Diagnostic and Assessments

As a first step, we do a deep dive into your organization and unique learner populations to ensure a tailored coaching program and training plan, including:

  • Virtual or in-person stakeholder interviews to assess current operations and staffing

  • Evaluation of organizational strengths and opportunities for growth

  • Strategic, actionable recommendations aligned with program objectives

Consulting and Change Management

Our professional services teams bring decades of coaching, training and industry expertise to support your organization as you undergo transformation. These services offer:

  • Collaborative program design and management

  • Leadership consulting and change management support

  • Actionable insights to improve internal policies, processes and ultimately the learner’s experience

Training and Certification

We offer extensive training, development and certification opportunities, equipping organizational staff and leadership to master coaching strategies and skills. InsideTrack currently offers five types of professional certifications:

  • Coaching Certification

  • Coaching Trainer Certification

  • Coaching Developer Certification

  • Coaching-Powered Leadership Certification

  • CLEAR Framework Micro-Credential

Quality and Development

Using our coaching quality rubric in one-on-one feedback sessions, we evaluate the effectiveness of coaching interactions to build and develop coaching skills, ensuring that staff and leadership are prepared and eager to:

  • Effectively implement coaching strategies and techniques 

  • Ask informed questions and invest in their personal and professional development

  • Team up with other participants to discuss coaching insights and trends 

Additional training and a network of peers further amplify the insight

InsideTrack Coaching Certifications

InsideTrack certifications are a mark of distinction for coaches trained on our methodology, showing that training participants have demonstrated mastery of the information and are InsideTrack approved as an in-house coach. In order to achieve certification, participants must meet all benchmarks and competency standards established by InsideTrack.

InsideTrack Trainer Network

As a benefit of becoming an InsideTrack certified trainer, the InsideTrack Trainer Network provides access to ongoing support. Exclusive benefits include shared best practices among a community of trainers, invitations to workshops, and access to the most up-to-date materials and support resources. Plus regular newsletters with tips, tools and related content.

Coaching development and training case studies

Illinois Central College: Midwest community college boasts 18% higher retention during coaching phase of multi-year student success redesign
Illinois Central College partnered with InsideTrack on a long-term academic redesign that utilized coaching for transformation.
higher retention rate among coached students
Increased retention, improved ROI: Coaching and capacity building at Old Dominion University
Historical trends in student outcomes and insights from analytics helped ODU identify first-year students who would be invited to receive coaching.
point increase in yield
The Education Fund: Empowering the health care workforce of tomorrow
The Education Fund has partnered with InsideTrack to provide learners with coaching as part of the wraparound support they need to succeed.
Medical Assistant Pathway learners coached
Waubonsee Community College: Illinois HSI uses Title V grant to better support Latine and adult learners
WCC leverages Title V funding to make changes that ensure student-centered support, partnering with InsideTrack to build the support to close achievement gaps
Waubonsee case managers and admissions staff trained as coaches
Loyola University: Increasing student persistence through proactive coaching
Loyola partnered to launch a Capacity Building and Coaching program to increase first-year retention, and to improve enrollment of prospective students.
first-year retention, a school record

Ready to build sustainable in-house support for lasting results?

Partner with us to build a sustainable coaching program with the power to impact an increasing number of learners each year — efficiently, effectively and customized to fit your needs.

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