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November 10, 2022

Learn how a growing partnership with UNCF empowers more students to re-enroll and succeed

New UNCF case study shows 8.6% re-enrollment rate for stopped-out HBCU students

Not long after the pandemic began, it was clear to the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) that students were struggling. Through their Institute for Capacity Building (ICB), they sent out surveys asking students what types of additional support would be most helpful. Atop the list was a more holistic wellness support system. That’s where InsideTrack came in — partnering with UNCF to provide students with research-proven, wraparound support that included one-on-one coaching to help students successfully re-enroll and complete their degrees, while helping institutions holistically address capacity challenges.

To begin, we partnered to create a re-enrollment coaching program focused on 4,000 stopped-out students from a network of nine HBCUs and PBIs. At the end of the pilot program, results showed a re-enrollment rate of 8.6% across the schools – which more than doubled the benchmark goal of 4%. This led to a multi-year, multi-campus networked partnership designed to support the students who need it most and propel them forward.

Case study highlights the impact of coaching — starting with results that exceeded UNCF expectations by 215%

Multiple layers of impact

While student impact is front and center with our UNCF partnership, it’s just part of the story. Here are three ways we’re delivering impact:

Student Benefits

  • Proactive outreach
  • Direct one-on-one coaching throughout the enrollment process
  • Holistic wraparound support to increase student success

Institutional Benefits

  • Learner-insight reporting on reasons for stop-out
  • Strategies to improve student-facing support and processes
  • Alleviated bandwidth for institutional student support teams

Network Benefits

  • Cross-network insights into overall stop-out reasons
  • Cohort-wide best practices shared with institutions, UNCF and ICB
  • Network-wide learner advancement, impacting families and communities

Going big following pilot program success

In the next phase of the partnership with UNCF, re-enrollment coaching will automatically be followed by retention coaching in order to help returning students maintain a strong start. What’s more, with generous funding from Blue Meridian Partners, Macquarie Group Foundation and Strada Education Network, UNCF is also launching a new chapter with InsideTrack, focused on scaling the program, making it possible for more students at more HBCUs and PBIs to receive holistic coaching support.

Over the next four years, the program will expand to provide one-on-one success coaching for tens of thousands of students throughout their educational journey. This shared-services model will provide at least 10 schools with the training and staff development support they need to build their own in-house coaching programs using InsideTrack’s evidence-based coaching methodology. Through this partnership, transformation change is happening — for students, for staff and for network institutions.

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