InsideTrack coaching certifications level up your organizational support and capacity

Beyond training and professional development

InsideTrack’s certification programs are more than just training and professional development — they offer participants holistic, one-on-one coaching, personal reflection and skill-demonstration opportunities with individualized feedback. Our rigorous and comprehensive approach ensures that practitioners are able to use their skills with proficiency and consistency. 

For organizations seeking to provide advancement on specific subsets of skills, our micro-credential programs offer the same combination of training and individualized support as our certifications in a shorter, more focused format.

Benefits of certification

As an IACET Accredited Provider of Continuing Education Units, InsideTrack’s certification and micro-credential programs meet rigorous standards for design, facilitation and evaluation. Earners of InsideTrack certifications can not only be assured they are receiving top quality instruction and development, but can also accumulate CEUs to support their career development.

Achieving a certification through InsideTrack ensures that earners have undergone rigorous training and skill demonstration and are equipped to provide sustainable impact in their organization. Certifications go beyond episodic classroom training by creating opportunities for participants to take ownership over their own learning and to apply their skills and knowledge to their individual real-life circumstances. Certification earners will be able to:

  • Demonstrate and utilize mastery of coaching skills and knowledge

  • Track and publicize achievements with digital credentials via Accredible

  • Gain access to InsideTrack’s certification networks with ongoing content and learning opportunities

InsideTrack certifications and micro-credentials

Explore our extensive training and development, capacity building and certification opportunities to embed our coaching methodology into not just what you do, but into who you are — building sustainable impact for the long term.


InsideTrack currently offers four coaching certifications to equip staff with the tools to master coaching methodology, support colleagues to develop their own coaching strengths, train individuals to become coaches, and advance their leadership skills.

Coaching Certification

InsideTrack Coaching Certification combines training, feedback and exams to support practitioners of coaching skills in developing the knowledge, skills and beliefs required to effectively coach learners. The program aims to encourage a growth mindset and ensures participants are meeting InsideTrack’s proven criteria for high-quality coaching.

Coaching Trainer Certifications

Coaching Trainer Certification equips certified coaches within your organization to facilitate InsideTrack's Foundational Coaching Training skillfully and with confidence, supporting others in the organization to learn and practice InsideTrack’s coaching methodology.

Coaching Developer Certification

Coaching Developer Certification equips practitioners to use coaching skills to develop colleagues’ strengths and opportunities in order to increase the overall effectiveness of coaching programs and student outcomes. Additionally, developers serve as spotters of trends, themes and organizational opportunities.

Coaching-Powered Leadership Certification

Coaching-Powered Leadership Certification takes the coaching techniques we’ve used with over 3 million students and integrates best practices from InsideTrack’s coaching methodology to provide managers and leaders with a shared coaching and leadership approach across your organization.


InsideTrack micro-credential programs offer short, focused program formats and a combination of training and 1:1 support. We currently offer one micro-credential, focused on our CLEAR framework.

CLEAR Framework Micro-credential

The CLEAR Framework is a tool from the InsideTrack Coaching Methodology designed to enable coaches to facilitate empowering conversations that support others in making well-informed decisions. CLEAR is especially helpful in heightened or challenging situations. Participants who complete this micro-credential will gain new tools for navigating conversations productively and with empathy.

Access InsideTrack’s Trainer Network

Upon completion of InsideTrack Coaching Trainer Certification, trainers are invited to join the InsideTrack Trainer Network. The Trainer Network is a means to connect trainers who are dedicated to teaching and building coaching skills in their organizations. Trainers have access to free monthly workshops, regular articles on coaching and training, and an online portal for training resources.

We are a proud IACET Accredited Provider of Continuing Education Units

As an IACET Accredited Provider, InsideTrack offers IACET CEUs for its learning events that comply with the ANSI/IACET Continuing Education and Training Standard. IACET is recognized internationally as a standard development organization and accrediting body that promotes quality of continuing education and training.

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