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A comprehensive new guide empowers you with best practices and tools for support

The enrollment landscape for community colleges isn’t pretty.In the fall of 2019, 2.6 million students began their college careers. The following term, the COVID-19 pandemic arrived, bringing financial hardship, learning challenges and overwhelming anxiety and grief. More than 679,000 of those students didn’t return for their second year. Since then, enrollment has continued to fall, with community colleges losing nearly 830,000 students since spring 2020 — with a disproportionate number coming from historically underrepresented populations.Yet despite these challenges, there is cause for optimism and hope.

Comprehensive new guide provides steps and tools to help your students re-enroll and rise

At a time when community colleges are working to re-engage the nearly 40 million students who have left higher education, the need for actionable ideas and support is greater than ever. That’s the impetus behind “Reconnect, Re-Enroll and Rise” —  our just-released comprehensive guide to re-enrolling community college students.

Inside, in clear, actionable steps, you’ll learn how to assess institutional readiness for re-enrollment. How to tailor marketing and community outreach efforts to adult learners. How to focus re-engagement efforts on the most viable students. How to guide students to and through the last mile… and more.

You’ll also get successful real-world examples from two different community colleges on approaches they used to successfully re-enroll adult learners. Blue Ridge Community College, for example, implemented a grass-roots community outreach program, while Pitt Community College leveraged a career fair to connect with stopped-out students.

Plus, a toolbox of ready-to-download resources that can help institutions start revamping their re-enrollment processes today — everything from a guide to seeking funding sources for re-enrollment initiatives to a returning student intake form.

Helping you help your stopped-out students

No one goes to college with the mindset that they’ll stop out without completing their credential or degree. But life happens. If the pandemic-dominated past few years have shown us anything, it’s that adult learners are resilient. With the proper support, stopouts can return to school and finish what they started — bettering life for themselves and their families in the process.

Through this guide, our goal is to provide you with a field-tested roadmap for taking action.

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