March 10, 2022

ON DEMAND WEBINAR: Explore online retention through survey results

When it comes to support for online learners, where do student needs and staff deliverables align — and where are the gaps? Find out in this illuminating webinar that digs into data from a study by UPCEA’s Center for Research & Strategy. 

Giving students a sense of belonging is a key factor in their success – and in retention rates. But student and staff perceptions of support and community can differ wildly. Examining two detailed surveys — one for online students and one for staff who provide support services – this hour-long discussion offers important insight into the revealing data.

Watch this webinar to: 

  • Review student and staff survey data about support challenges faced by online students

  • See how a Q&A with panelists from UPCEA and InsideTrack sheds light on why understanding gaps between student and staff perceptions on support for online learners

  • Hear an InsideTrack coach’s perspective on correcting these imbalances, and how this process is critical to staff and student success

Watch the What’s Needed in Online Student Support: Staff Perception vs. Student Reality webinar on-demand.

Meet the panelists

Bruce Etter

Senior Director of Research and Consulting at UPCEA

Sarah Eustis

Strategic Partnership Director at InsideTrack

Jim Fong

Chief Research Officer at UPCEA

Emilia Gilroy-Sander

Lead Student Support Specialist & Coach at InsideTrack

Ji Hea Kim

Director of Research at InsideTrack

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