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December 12, 2023

New Statewide Campaign in California Helps Adult Learners Return to Higher Education at 4x National Re-Enrollment Rate

California Reconnect contacts 5,700 former students, working with a network of 7 colleges and universities to re-enroll nearly 500 state residents with some college, no degree 

SACRAMENTO, CALIF. (December 12, 2023) – InsideTrack, the national student success coaching nonprofit that has served more than 3.2 million learners since 2001, today reported initial progress and expansion plans from the first year of its California Reconnect initiative, a groundbreaking statewide campaign aimed at helping working adults return to college and complete their degrees. Building on its initial launch in December 2022, California Reconnect has achieved significant success in its pilot phase and is poised to expand its impact across the state.

“The success and economic vitality of California and our country depends on our ability to build a system of higher education that serves every learner, regardless of their academic and professional background or the unique needs they have,” said Kai Drekmeier, co-founder and chief development officer of InsideTrack. “These promising results will help us lay the foundation as California Reconnect continues to re-engage and re-enroll high potential learners throughout the Golden State.” 

Since its formal launch in the spring of 2023, California Reconnect has made substantial strides. Seven campuses, including Sacramento State University, CSU Channel Islands, CSU San Bernardino, Crafton Hills College, Mesa College, Miramar College, and San Diego City College, participated in the pilot phase. To date, more than 5,700 former students have been contacted through these efforts—and of those, 8.4% have re-enrolled, more than 4x the national re-enrollment rate calculated by the National Student Clearinghouse. The five schools with the greatest success contacting and re-engaging students presented an even stronger re-enrollment rate of 11.2%. 

Four million Californians ages 25 to 54 have a high school diploma and some college credit, but never completed an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. According to the Public Policy Institute of California, 40% of all jobs in the state by 2030 will require a bachelor’s degree. Even as a growing number of good-paying jobs in California’s economy require education or training beyond high school, current projections show that the state is on pace to miss this goal by 1.1 million college degrees.

"Increasing the number of Californians with a postsecondary credential is an equity, economic and educational imperative—essential for ensuring that our communities are prepared to meet the needs of California’s rapidly changing economy,” said Susan Topham, Ed.D., vice chancellor of educational services at San Diego Community College District. “This is about ensuring that more Californians have both the support and resources to unlock their full potential and overcome the obstacles that can too often stand in the way of completion—and increased economic opportunity.” 

To help more working adults in California earn degrees and credentials of value, the campaign is using a multi-pronged approach to help each student navigate the complex, and often daunting, process of returning to higher education after stopping out. Through direct coaching and student support efforts, adult students contacted through California Reconnect receive assistance removing barriers to earning their degree, including assistance in reducing or waiving unpaid fees, facilitating timely transcript release, offering wrap-around services, and recognizing prior learning.

A collaboration between InsideTrack, the Institute for Higher Education Policy, and Project Attain,  California Reconnect seeks to address the critical issue of adult learners who have some college credits but have not completed their degrees. Over the past year, the organizations have worked  to build the infrastructure needed to help students who have stopped out of college, support learners on the pathway to re-enrollment, and work with institutions to implement policies and practices that support college completion and improved career opportunities. 

“This is about creating opportunities for institutional leaders and practitioners to learn from one another and advance the practices, policies and procedures that make our colleges and universities more accessible for returning adult learners,” said Melanie Dixon, executive director of Project Attain. “In addition to the direct impact with reaching returning learners, we’re building a community of practice that will benefit participating institutions. We’re excited to share these interim results as we embrace the spirit of continuous improvement that is at the core of this three-year project.”

Because data show that most re-enrolled students never return to their original institution or even the same institutional sector, California Reconnect takes an institution-agnostic approach that meets students where they are—and recommends a best-fit option that meets their needs. The initiative is on track to expand service to an additional 13 campuses in 2024, with a long-term goal of adding 10 more campuses in 2025. This expansion will enable California Reconnect to reach even more working adults across the state, ensuring that they have the resources and support they need to complete their higher education journey.

Over the next three years, California Reconnect will continue to share learnings from the re-enrollment program with state policymakers and compile data, insights and best practices that can help similar efforts on other college campuses to scale up. California Reconnect is funded through generous financial support from ECMC Foundation, Strada Education Foundation and the Kresge Foundation.

For institutions and other organizations interested in learning more about California Reconnect, visit


About California Reconnect: California Reconnect is a statewide coalition launched in 2022 that is working to power educational equity and economic advancement by closing the degree divide in the Golden State. We are working to bridge the gap in college completion for the millions of Californians aged 25 to 54 with some college credit, but no postsecondary credential. It is rooted in the belief that higher education can unlock the full potential of every adult—helping them to realize their personal, professional and life goals. Through a statewide network of nonprofits, institutions and mission-aligned partner organizations, we take an institution-agnostic approach to meet learners where they are and eliminate academic, financial and logistical barriers to re-engagement and re-enrollment. Our mission is to help build a more inclusive and equitable statewide economy and create long-term pathways to social and economic mobility.

About InsideTrack: InsideTrack is a mission-driven nonprofit that fuels positive change by empowering and advancing all learners to achieve their educational and career goals through the transformative power of coaching. We help people get the education they need to enhance well-being, create opportunity and secure meaningful employment — ultimately facilitating economic and social mobility. Since 2001, we have served over 3.2 million learners, partnering with more than 350 institutions and organizations to directly improve enrollment, retention, completion, and career advancement – tailoring our coaching outcomes to fit the needs of our partners and the learners they support. Our coaching methodology is evidence-based and research-confirmed, supporting all types of learners at every stage of their journey — especially those who face systemic barriers to postsecondary success. We are a catalyst for transformational impact, ultimately empowering learners and the organizations who serve them. To learn more, visit and follow us on Twitter @InsideTrack and LinkedIn @InsideTrack.

About the Institute for Higher Education Policy: The Institute for Higher Education Policy (IHEP) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization committed to building a more equitable and just society through higher education. Through research, advocacy, policy development, and field engagement, IHEP drives systemic change in higher education to advance equitable outcomes and generational impact for communities historically marginalized on the basis of race, ethnicity or income.

About Project Attain: Project Attain is a Sacramento-based social impact organization helping adults who found it necessary to pause their education find their way back to attain their diploma, certificate, or degree.

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