Your re-enrollment revamp starts now

Re-enrollment success doesn’t materialize from a one-size-fits-all solution. But how can you tailor the re-enrollment processes at your community college to fit the individual needs of students who have stopped out? With the goal of sharing the best practices and lived experiences from experts across the community college and higher education landscape, our comprehensive guide is designed to answer this question.

Not only does the guide explain five imperatives to help you support adult students through re-enrollment — it also includes a toolkit with four ready-to-use tools to get you started on your journey to re-enroll stopped-out learners.

Download Reconnect, Re-enroll and Rise for five imperatives and four ready-to-use tools that will help your community college re-enroll stopped-out students.

The re-enrollment landscape by the numbers

million Americans have some college credit but no credential
of students who left college during the pandemic now say they want to return to school
of learners re-enrolled in a community college, making that the most common pathway

You’ll learn how to:

Assess current re-enrollment processes

  • Evaluate process gaps
  • Optimize student outreach
  • Explore funding options
  • Identify community options

Holistically improve student reconnection

  • Outreach proactively
  • Re-strategize communication
  • Personalize your support
  • Incorporate strong-start strategies

Utilize four downloadable tools

  • Institutional Readiness Assessment
  • Guide to Seeking Funding
  • Viable Student Checklist
  • Student Intake Form

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