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InsideTrack pioneered the use of personalized, one-on-one executive-style coaching as a way to help all learners succeed.  Our evidence-based coaching methodology translates into better enrollment, persistence, completion and career readiness.  We promote learner-centered education and help break down silos to create a consistent, positive student experience — helping both students and institutions thrive. 

Since 2001, we have supported more than 3.1 million learners through our direct coaching. In addition, we have positively impacted millions more students through our work with colleges, universities, employer workforce development and other organizations through training, capacity building and strategic guidance.

Our mission

Our mission is to fuel social mobility and close equity gaps by empowering and advancing all learners. We use the power of coaching to support individuals in achieving their educational and career goals — transforming lives and organizations while creating social change. 

Our core values

Helping a single person achieve their educational goals and move on to the career they aspire to can have a lifelong impact — not just on that individual, but also on their family, their community and society as a whole. Creating that ripple starts with our organizational values — five core values that form the foundation for everything we do.

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We view the world through a lens of possibility, where everyone has the potential within them to reach their goals and find their purpose. We understand that it makes a huge difference to have a coach in your corner to support and encourage you.

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We value being honest, even when it means having the hard conversations. We do what’s right, even when it’s difficult. And we hold each other accountable, doing the repair work to make things right when we make mistakes.

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We are passionate about personal connections. We strive to foster a sense of belonging and work to create a community where everyone can thrive. We believe in the undeniable connection between us all, and that every life improved betters the collective whole.

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Sustainable Impact

We pursue sustainable social impact through individual empowerment and organizational change support. We take a holistic approach to personalizing our work to ensure it will serve beneficiaries for the long run and support systemic change.

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We treat all people with respect and show up with cultural humility. We design our coaching to play an active role in closing equity gaps to help create a more just society that fosters opportunity for all.

Committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is interwoven into our values and everything we do. For us, this will always be a process of ongoing learning and growth, with the goal of creating concrete, actionable DEI policies and practices guided by our mission and rooted in our values.

InsideTrack’s Statement on Equity

As we seek to unlock the potential in individuals and organizations around the world, InsideTrack honors our employees, clients, students, and communities.

We foster the inclusion of diverse backgrounds and held identities.

We are committed to understanding that intersecting identities are rooted in social and cultural systems, and they inform how we navigate our worlds differently.

We are committed to working through an equity lens, so as to mitigate the number of barriers students and colleagues face because of those held identities.

When we misstep, we are committed to following up with the necessary repair work to ensure our environment reflects the core values of our organization.

InsideTrack is part of
Strada Education Foundation

Strada Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization that believes education and training after high school can be the most powerful and equitable way to help people secure good jobs, do meaningful work, contribute to their communities, and lead fulfilling lives. Strada Education Foundation conducts research, makes grants and social impact investments, and supports organizations in Strada Collaborative — organizations that directly serve students and workers.

Learn more about Strada Collaborative

Our leadership team

Meet the executives leading our mission to fuel social mobility and close equity gaps for all learners.

Ruth Bauer White


Kai Drekmeier

Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer

Steve Ast

Senior Vice President - Partner Success

Katy Hamilton

Vice President - Operations

Meaghan Joyce

Vice President - Solutions

Riikka Marr

Vice President - Finance

Cheryl Marshall-Petricoff

Vice President - Marketing

Michael Morris, Ph.D

Vice President - Strategic Initiatives

Advisory Board
Our Advisory Board lends their experience, perspective, and wisdom to help us create more success stories.
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We invest in the best. Meet some of our team.

The lifeblood of InsideTrack is our people. We foster a strong culture of continuous learning and encourage one another to innovate and create new ways to make a measurable difference in people’s lives.

Wakashan West

Associate Vice President Partner Success

Jodi Rafkin

Success Coach

Malika Clinkscales

Associate Vice President Partner Success

Carrie Lockhert

Associate Vice President Partner Success

Emilia Gilroy-Sander

Success Coach

Hayley Kimble

Success Coach

Jessica Hector

Associate Vice President Partner Success

Lisa Thompson

Success Coach

Mike Embry

Associate Vice President Partner Success

Tina Jones

Success Coach

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