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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

InsideTrack’s mission began over twenty years ago, working face-to-face with fewer than a hundred students on two college campuses in northern California. Our team consisted of four people, including our president and co-founder, Kai Drekmeier, who was also one of our first student success coaches. Back then, our highest ambition was to become the sort of organization that could positively impact the lives of millions of students across the nation.

Since 2001, we’ve served more than 2 million students and supported thousands of academic programs of every type and size. In collaboration with our partners, we’ve helped set the pace for innovation in the field of student success and surfaced groundbreaking insights into the challenges, experiences, and aspirations of today’s learners.

And, we’re eager to do so much more.

That is why we’re excited to announce that InsideTrack has successfully made the transition to a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Our new nonprofit status is reflective of the type of organization we have always been — one focused on driving positive social impact through the transformative power of education. It will also enable us to further our mission by facilitating new types of partnerships with educational institutions, philanthropic organizations and others seeking to expand educational and career opportunities.

We are particularly fortunate to be embarking on this next phase of our evolution as a member of Strada Education Network, a pioneering social impact organization dedicated to improving lives by forging clearer and more purposeful pathways between education and employment. Strada invests more than $100 million a year in strategic philanthropy, innovative research, mission-aligned investments and meaningful impact through a network of affiliate organizations, like InsideTrack, whose solutions address the needs of learners and educational institutions. We are incredibly grateful to be part of a community — within the Strada family and across the education landscape — that cares so deeply about the welfare and success of students, and of the people and organizations supporting them.

We thank you for joining us on this journey and look forward to working with you in the decades ahead.


Pete Wheelan, Chief Executive Officer; Ruth White, Chief Operating Officer; Kai Drekmeier, Founder and President

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