InsideTrack has pioneered the use of executive-style coaching to help people reach their education and career goals.

More than 20 years later, we have coached more than 3.1 million people, and more than 100 formal evaluations of our program have proven its effectiveness. We are dedicated to leading innovation in adult and professional education because of its power to transform individuals and organizations. Success Coaching ensures your employees and your company are getting the best return on the time and money invested in education and professional development.

Your organization benefits from employees who report greater levels of satisfaction and well-being, stay longer, perform better, and move up into roles requiring greater skill and responsibility.

The best coaches produce the best results

InsideTrack Success Coaches are employees — not independent contractors like with other coaching providers. All are college graduates and half have advanced degrees. Success Coaches at InsideTrack undergo a rigorous, formal certification and credentialing process. Plus, they participate in at least 100 hours of ongoing professional development annually. Your employees are paired with a dedicated coach who will support your employee’s educational goals through these four strategies.

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Clarifying goals

Identify the personal and professional drivers behind an employee’s desire for additional education

Assessing strengths and weaknesses

Interview employee to identify unique strengths that can be an asset to them in their education journey, and identify weaknesses that might derail them

Creating action plans

Partner with the employee to create a roadmap that guides them toward achieving their education goals

Identifying roadblocks

Address issues or potential challenges that may prevent an employee from achieving their educational goals

Customized to fit your needs, a Success Coaching program provides support in these areas:

Program Support

We help employees understand the specifics of the employer education benefits available to them. We guide them through program requirements and next steps in their education and career journey.

Educational Readiness

  • Prepare to manage work, school and family
  • Plan ahead to get the most out of their education
  • Find additional sources of financial and government aid (if appropriate)

Career Discovery

  • Understand career pathways at the employer and beyond
  • Create a realistic career-related learning plan
  • Align strengths and interests with opportunities

Intersection of Career & Education

We help align employees’ career goals to the education programs they pursue. This ensures employees and employers are making the best investment of their time and money.

Technology-enabled solutions for Adult and Professional learners and organizations

Our uCoach® Platform and mobile app bring the tools for success right into your employees’ hands. This cloud-based platform enables our highly skilled coaches to support participants through multiple communications channels (calls, text, email, app). It provides mobile-friendly information and resources to participants, allowing them to engage where and when is best for them. uCoach analytics also enable employers to gain greater visibility and insights on employee experiences with the program and with education providers.

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Ensure the success of your initiatives

We incorporate the latest developments in organizational change science into our efforts to support your success. From cultivating stakeholder buy-in to empowering individual action and reinforcing progress over time, we’re with you every step of the way.

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Your employees are as unique as your organization. That's why our Success Coaching is tailored and scalable to meet the specific needs of your employees and your business.

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