Watch our on-demand Coach Roundtable webinar on student enrollment

InsideTrack coaches share student pain points, insights and best practices on enrollment

Colleges and universities of all types are seeing a continued decline in prospective students. Add to that the fact that the enrollment process can be a real challenge — and a barrier — for would-be students looking to attend your school. Odds are you have a clear view of how the enrollment process works at your institution. But what about your prospective students? What do they actually experience once they click on your website or make the call to admissions? To get the insider perspective, we asked five experienced InsideTrack enrollment coaches to share their insights on frequently asked enrollment questions. And you can hear it all in our new, on-demand Coach Roundtable webinar. 

In under an hour, Dinah Zeiss, one of InsideTrack’s Strategic Partnership Directors, leads our coaches through a wide range of enrollment questions, each designed to provide your institution with insights you wouldn’t normally get. Throughout the Q&A, Dinah and the InsideTrack coaches draw from years of professional experience to share relevant anecdotes, offer guidance, and address several important enrollment-related questions, including:

  • What are some key pain points and challenges that come up regularly with your students in the enrollment process?
  • What are some institutional blind spots in the enrollment process or along the student journey that have come to light through your coaching?
  • How do you share those insights with institutions?
  • What are your processes for assessment and for meeting your students where they are?
  • How are you able to provide such personalized, connected coaching to a full roster of learners?
  • How do you work with non-traditional students looking to re-enroll after stopping out?
  • How is the support provided by InsideTrack coaches different from — and complementary to — the institutional support that the schools provide?

Hear the answers to these and many more questions in an enlightening Coach Roundtable webinar you won’t want to miss! The full recording is now available, and we encourage you to view the on-demand version below at your convenience. All the enrollment answers you need – in under an hour.


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