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After partnering with InsideTrack to provide coaching to prospective students, Penn State World Campus increased enrollment numbers and ensured that those growing rosters were packed with students prepared to succeed. Building upon the success of that program, Penn State and InsideTrack launched InsideTrack Strong Start Coaching. Strong Start, a technology-enabled program that leverages InsideTrack’s uCoach® Platform, lifted Penn State to the next level of enhanced student support: coaching for more students that provided more guidance and utilized more communication channels from the time of acceptance through their first two terms.



increase in yield


increase in first-year retention


more students served at a similar cost

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The Challenge

Provide scalable, personalized support to increased numbers of students during a pivotal time period that extended from the moment they were accepted through the end of their second term.

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The Solution

InsideTrack Strong Start Coaching, which leverages the uCoach Platform to maximize the power of personal support. With multichannel communication and self-service content added into the mix, Penn State could provide the benefits of personalized coaching to approximately four times as many students at a similar cost.

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