Stories of Impact

We are inspired by these stories from our students, partners, and coaches. Watch these stories of impact to learn more about how coaching benefits all learners.

Student Stories

Meet Willena

Showing her family that anything is possible was just the beginning for this re-enrolled adult student.

Meet Cynthia & Gloria

One coach, one student, and the lessons they taught each other that changed both of their lives for good.

Meet Sharon

Caring for others was her job. When pneumonia and COVID threatened her graduation plans, a caring coach helped her stay on track.

Meet Shanelle

When mental health struggles created a roadblock on her college path, her coach was the mentor and guide she needed.

Meet Brad

Coaching provided focus and encouragement after a family tragedy nearly derailed his college dreams.

Meet Yeshi

See what happens when a coach and her now-graduated student reunite and share powerful lessons.

Partner Stories

Expanding capacity at ODU

A unique partnership helped Old Dominion University build a successful campus coaching program.

Improving retention rates at Ivy Tech

This long-term partnership created cost-effective ways to increase persistence and on-time completion.

BHMT partnership helps eligible Kaiser employees upskill

Using coaching to help employees maximize benefits for lifelong learning

Coach Stories

The voice of coaching

See the magic of coaching through the dedicated eyes of our coaches as they each recall a student they worked with at a crossroads.

The five elements of coaching

InsideTrack coaches discuss the five building blocks of our coaching approach, along with a student story to highlight each element.

DEI in action

A demonstration of how training helps coaches support all learners with cultural sensitivity and humility.

A passion for supporting student success

Coaches share the “why” behind the important work they do with students every day.

Our equity statement

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is woven throughout our values and everything we do.