A small grant at the right time can change a student’s life

Your donation will directly support a learner who our Crisis Support Team has identified is in an emergency situation, with no resources to turn to. A small monetary grant at the right time can change the trajectory of a student’s life, at a time when they may feel hopeless and unsure of where to turn.

InsideTrack is dedicated every day to empowering learners to overcome the barriers they face and stay on course to reach their educational, career and life goals. We see from the 200,000+ learners we directly work with each year that there are gaps in resources that need immediate attention, or individuals will not have the basic resources they need to support themselves, let alone keep their education on track.

A medical bill that makes other costs — like school — unaffordable

A broken down car that impacts transportation to school and work

A basic need for food, shelter or safety

Two Ways You Can Make a Difference

Fund Emergency Support Microgrants

A sleepless night in the car. An empty gas tank, with no way to get to class. A day without a meal – let alone energy for school. Emergencies like these act as real barriers for learners working to build a better life. Every dollar in aid goes toward a specific microgrant to ensure each learner has the basic resources they need to keep moving toward a brighter future.

Support Learners in Crisis

Fund General Coaching Support

The Power of Coaching is fueled by our coaches, our partners, our trainers, our teams, our mission. It is brought to life with intentionality through the time and resources every individual puts behind our mission-driven nonprofit work, every day. And with your donation, it’s also fueled by you. Help us bring transformative coaching to more learners by donating to this fund, which goes toward a variety of initiatives that keep our coaching moving forward.

Fuel the Power of Coaching

A microgrant allowed Carmen to keep the lights on — and finish her degree

Carmen had one more class to go before she could finish her BA degree. With this degree in hand, she would have safe and stable employment opportunities. But Carmen was experiencing a change in housing due to a domestic violence situation, and she couldn’t pay her $99.17 utility bill to keep her electricity on. She also had two holds on her account for her BA program — one for $51.33, and one for $441.10 — that were holding her back from releasing her transcripts and being accepted into the certification program.

The weaving together of three microgrants to address these bills and fees allowed Carmen to keep the lights on, pay off the holds on her accounts, and ultimately release her transcripts and finish her degree.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of learners when they need it the most.

All donations are:

  • Tax-deductible
  • 100% secure
  • Used to directly benefit learners
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