Strada Collaborative

Strada organizes its work around four areas of activity to help individuals translate their educational experiences into careers and economic opportunity:

CAEL, Education at Work, InsideTrack, and Roadtrip Nation are each part of Strada Collaborative, Inc. The Collaborative and its units provide support for individuals through student coaching, work-based learning, career exploration, and helping adults learn new skills throughout their careers. This hands-on support through diverse resources and solutions enables individuals to pursue equitable education and employment pathways leading to economic mobility.

Strada conducts qualitative and quantitative research and impact evaluation to help identify effective solutions and encourage the adoption of evidence-based practices.

Strategic Investments
To expand its impact, Strada invests in companies and funds seeking to remove barriers to postsecondary education and workforce pathways, improving socioeconomic mobility for more people.

Partner Engagement
Strada brings together postsecondary education leaders, employers, policymakers, and funders to identify and scale effective solutions that help individuals succeed beyond the completion of their education.

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