What prospective adult students are looking for in a program

Knowing the factors at play can help students and institutions find the best fit

Institutions are expanding their recruitment efforts beyond the few million high school graduates earning their diplomas this spring to reach a prospective pool that’s ten times as big — the population of adult students with some college credit but no degree. As more schools pitch their programs and services for post-traditional learners, adults searching for the best fit can afford to be choosy.

In a recent article for The 74, Bobbie Godbey, a director at InsideTrack, helps adult students narrow down their options with a list of questions they should consider. Knowing the factors they’re weighing helps institutions better support adults through the decision-making process, ensuring they land in a program where they can, and will, succeed.

Meet the expert behind the insights.

Q&A with Bobbie Godbey, InsideTrack director of team and partnership operations

Why is this topic important to you?

My first job in college was as a university tour leader — I spent my days walking backward, sharing information, and supporting students and families in making the best decision for their college investment. Since those days and through my work at universities and InsideTrack, I’ve stayed passionate about the prospective student experience and partnering with both students and colleges and universities to recognize and wield the right tools to promote student success.

What do you like best about working in student support?

Probably the same reason I love Fall!  Whether you’re a fifth grader, a first-time freshman or father of four coming back to the classroom years later, there is a palpable excitement to going back to school. I love partnering with individuals and institutions around that experience — the sense of anticipation, the pride and the drive.

What do you want institutional leaders to know about today’s students?  

As a prospective student, the options are seemingly endless. Those programs and institutions that stand out to your potential students are those that put their experience and outcomes first.  Long gone are the days of unnecessary admissions hurdles in the name of tradition — streamline your processes so your students know you not only want them, but you want them to succeed.

Find out the questions every prospective adult student should ask.

Looking for more insights on enrolling adult students? Learn the 6 mistakes to avoid.

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