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The Challenge

The University required a greater level of support at scale to better meet the unique needs of its working adult learner population. With a team of more than 500 counselors remotely serving working adult students, leadership wanted to continue to build an enhanced coaching approach to increase engagement. To accommodate an expanding portfolio of master’s and doctoral programs, as well as undergraduate degrees and certificates, the University also needed an adaptive methodology that could be consistently adopted by counselors and enhance student success across a range of degree programs.

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The Solution

The solution was a developmental coaching model that holistically supports student success, launched in partnership with InsideTrack. Through interactions taking place on the phone, over email or via online chat, counselors learn more about students’ educational progress and help them overcome barriers to persistence. In addition to creating more meaningful interactions that enhance student success, coaching also generates new insights into the student experience, driving ongoing improvement across the University. At the same time, a new system of training, quality assurance and ongoing professional development further develops counselor abilities and drives better performance.

Download the case study to learn how University of Pheonix leveraged coaching to innovate student success.

  • Download the case study to learn how University of Phoenix leveraged coaching to improve outcomes.

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