Four proven pillars of student success

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Every day, InsideTrack Coaches connect with hundreds of college and university students of all ages and backgrounds. Through 20 years of supporting student success, we’ve developed four coaching pillars to help increase retention — pillars that have proven especially effective for new students and students facing academic warning. Watch and learn as Student Success Experts Taylor Jabour and Emilia Gilroy-Sander discuss these key elements in a series of short videos.

Coaching Pillar #1 — Creating an effective plan

Planning the whole term at once can be overwhelming. Sometimes students just need a plan for the day, the week or that next big assignment. And if the plan doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean the student is a failure — it means the plan failed and it’s time to try a new plan. Or as our coaches tell students, “People don’t fail, plans do — and when we help make it less personal, we are more likely to get up and try again.” Learn why planning — and adaptability — are vital for success.

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Coaching Pillar #2 — Merging motivation and belief

Motivation and belief are what get students through the challenges they face and enable them to persist when things get rough. Students need to believe they deserve to be in school and that they will succeed. Our coaches have to believe in their students, as well. “As student support professionals, we have to have unconditional positive regard for our students.” So how do you help students believe in themselves and their ability to graduate?

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Coaching Pillar #3 — Integrating proactive communication

Building a proactive relationship with the staff at the college or university is a great resource. And for students in an online setting, it may be the only way they can get the support they need — with no offices to stop by or campus center to visit. The advice from our coaches? “Students need to be clear in what they’re asking for or explaining right from the start to cut down on any back and forth required to clarify their needs.” The good news is that these same communication skills will also be useful in the workforce. How do you get students to feel comfortable enough to proactively connect with resources at their school? Do they see the value? Do they know what questions to ask? Learn how to assess and discuss this invaluable skill.

Get communication tips in this video

Coaching Pillar #4 Conquering academic reading

For many learners, college-level reading is more of a struggle than an established skill. Academic reading is a skill that anyone can learn, but it’s not to be assumed that all college-level students have mastered it — or have effective reading strategies. “We work with students to help them understand how improving their academic reading skills will help them continue toward their goals.” Discover tips and strategies you can share with your students.

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