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Ivy Tech Community College — a network of 32 campuses serving a total of 160,000 students throughout the state of Indiana — sought to increase success for Indiana’s 21st Century Scholars and strengthen student support capabilities. A partnership with InsideTrack provided tailored coaching to address the root causes of attrition among first-generation, low-income students.



increase in first-year retention


increase in credits completed


additional Scholars persisted into their second year at Ivy Tech

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The Challenge

Cost-effectively improve persistence and on-time completion of 21st Century Scholars, who, despite significant efforts to prepare them for college and award them a full scholarship, were dropping after their freshman year at alarming rates.

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The Solution

A multiyear partnership with InsideTrack to deliver professional coaching to all incoming freshmen 21st Century Scholars and support tailored process improvement, professional development and training for student support personnel.

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