10 Recommendations for Enhancing Student Support and Improving Staff Engagement

From inconsistent outreach to underutilized resources, common pitfalls in student support can impact outcomes and performance in a way that undermines an institution’s mission.

We’ve analyzed program assessments from every type of college and university to uncover the distinct trends and patterns that can stand in the way of student and staff success. Based on our synthesis of findings from 40 institutions, 10 issues have emerged as some of the most common student support challenges institutions face.

Common Challenges + Tailored Solutions = Uncommon Results

Common challenges fall into one of three categories:

  • How institutions approach their student support efforts in the first place (Student Support Methodology)
  • How institutions train and support their staff’s efforts (Professional and Organizational Development)  
  • How they engage with available technology to reach students (Technology)

Our report breaks each topic down further to share some of InsideTrack’s most successful recommendations for meeting these challenges head-on.

For example, one of the top challenges for all institutions is engaging hard-to-reach student populations. But who these populations are and what resources exist (or don’t exist) to reach them depends on a host of factors.

Going behind the scenes, we also found that institutions can get stymied by a lack of staff development opportunities. From mapping out a career development plan to building mentorship and onboarding programs, investing in your team can have a significant effect on departmental efficiency and productivity.

Download our report to take full advantage of our program assessment findings, featuring our review of 10 core challenges, practical solutions, and real-world examples of how our recommendations made a difference for our institutional partners. Plus, learn which challenges are the most widespread, and which are most likely to impact institutions like yours.

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