Student Success Pioneer Coaches Two Millionth Student and Partners with Institutions to Support Millions More

Work with millions of students and thousands of programs gives InsideTrack a unique perspective on improving student enrollment, completion and career readiness

PORTLAND, OR. (March 19, 2019) — InsideTrack, the student success organization that pioneered the use of executive-style coaching for college students to improve student and institutional outcomes, today announced that it has directly coached more than 2 million students.  In addition, through its capacity building work with educational institutions of all types across the country, it has enhanced support for millions of additional students, an impact that will continue to expand in the years ahead.

A member of the nonprofit Strada Education Network, InsideTrack first provided coaching to students and their parents in 2001. Shortly after, the organization began partnering with colleges, universities and others to make student success coaching a central component of their student support strategies.  Since then, InsideTrack has expanded its offerings to include a broad range of strategic advisory and operational support services in the area of student success and now serves more than 4000 educational programs nationwide.

InsideTrack’s model takes a developmental approach to improving outcomes, both for students and institutions.  In the same way that their student success coaching model helps students develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and beliefs required for long-term success, InsideTrack’s consulting and training services focus on developing partner institutions’ abilities to plan and execute organizational transformation, and deploy scalable, sustainable student support programs that drive ongoing improvement.

InsideTrack’s capacity building services and uCoach® platform enable institutions to implement and sustain their own programs to improve outcomes and generate insights into the student experience through predictive analytics and multichannel communication. InsideTrack’s seasoned team of professional coaches also enables institutions to realize immediate impact as they build for the future.

After a year working with InsideTrack, Loyola University New Orleans achieved a record 85 percent first-year retention rate, a 5 percentage point increase over the prior year.  Maria Calzada, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Loyola University New Orleans noted, “through our partnership with InsideTrack, we’ve been able to develop a coaching program that empowers students to achieve their full potential.”

The Tseng College at California State University, Northridge tapped InsideTrack’s direct coaching services to support prospective students in making informed enrollment decisions and saw aggregate enrollment across a number of programs for mid-career adults increase by 22 percent. “We partnered with InsideTrack because we felt they shared our values and focus on supporting prospective students in making informed application decisions, and preparing for a strong start,” said Jonathan Clayden, Director of Graduate and Professional Education Programs and Services at the Tseng College. “In short, we felt that InsideTrack’s focus is rightly on coaching, and not ‘convincing.’”

InsideTrack founder and president Kai Drekmeier credits part of InsideTrack’s success to its heavy investment in organizational development and change management expertise.  “Since we launched the concept of student success coaching nearly two decades ago, we’ve continuously invested in the methodologies and tools to make it more impactful and cost-effective.  We’ve also focused on evolving how we support our partners in becoming more student-centric organizations. The reality is that most colleges and universities know what they need to do to improve student outcomes, but the process of getting there involves hard work, tough questions and vulnerability.  Our expertise in guiding them through this process truly sets us apart.”

Using insights gained through student support interactions to drive operational improvement is another key area of expertise at InsideTrack.  “If you set them up right, your student-facing functions serve as a 24/7 focus group on the student experience,” said Pete Wheelan, CEO of InsideTrack. “And while many institutions do a good job collecting that data, few have a systematic approach for acting on it.  Our partners tell us that one of our key value adds is helping them turn the information coming from their data analysis efforts into specific actions to improve student outcomes and the student experience.”


About InsideTrack

InsideTrack is passionate about student success. Since 2001, we have been dedicated to partnering with colleges and universities to create adaptive student success solutions that generate measurable results. These solutions combine student coaching, staff training, technology, and data analytics to increase enrollment, completion, and career readiness. Our adaptive coaching methodology is based on the latest behavioral science research and knowledge gained from working with more than 2 million students and currently serving more than 4,000 programs. In combination with our uCoach® Platform, our approach optimizes student engagement and generates valuable insights on the student experience through predictive modeling, behavioral analysis, and multichannel communication. InsideTrack is a member of the nonprofit Strada Education Network. Join us and the leading institutions, foundations, and others working to bring the transformative power of education to all individuals. Visit us at and follow us on Twitter @InsideTrack.

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