SEIU-UHW West & Joint Employer Education Fund Taps Experts in Higher Education and Careers to Help Healthcare Workers Develop New Skills and Improve Patient Care

Education Fund rolls out a new service to help members maximize education and benefits

OAKLAND, CALIF.  (April 25, 2019) — The SEIU-UHW Joint Employer Education Fund (the Education Fund), a joint labor management training and education fund serving 100,000 SEIU members, today announced the launch of a new education coaching program designed to help its members develop new skills and advance professionally. Through a partnership with student success experts from InsideTrack, eligible union healthcare workers will receive Academic Success Coaching to help them maximize training and education opportunities.

“To empower our diverse healthcare workforce through innovation and training, improve patient care and remain the trusted accelerator for healthcare careers, today’s healthcare professionals need to maximize their education and advancement opportunities,” said Phoenix Lockett, Director of Career Counseling at the Education Fund. “Our partnership with InsideTrack empowers SEIU members to take full advantage of their educational benefits, while allowing our team of Career Counselors to support members who have yet to access the Education Fund, for career advancement.”

Through the unique learning and development partnership, 550 SEIU healthcare professionals will receive personalized academic coaching through InsideTrack’s blend of phone, email and text communication. The coaching centers on helping members successfully maximize their education benefits and complete valuable training programs that equip them for new levels of professional success.

In addition to working directly with members, InsideTrack will also provide consulting services to the Education Fund, leveraging insights gained through the coaching process regarding the training needs and aspirations of SEIU members. Guided by these insights, InsideTrack will support the Education Fund in enhancing its professional development and education initiatives, as well as develop new methods for measuring the impact of those programs moving forward.

“Our communities depend daily on the hard work and dedication of frontline caregivers and healthcare practitioners to keep us and our loved ones healthy and safe,” said Kai Drekmeier, founder and president of InsideTrack. “Supporting their education and career development is a critical investment that will help them unlock new skills, improve the quality of care and strengthen health and wellness. We’re excited to directly support SEIU members and broadly support the career growth and development of our nation’s healthcare workforce.”


About Service Employees International Union-UHW

The Education Fund is a labor management multi-employer training and education fund partnering with 17 healthcare employers and SEIU unions to serve 100,000 workers across California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Colorado.  Our mission is to empower the diverse healthcare workforce to advance in a changing environment through innovative education and training solutions. Our members are frontline caregivers and support staff, including respiratory care practitioners, dietary, environmental services and nursing staff who keep patients healthy. Our partners include some of the largest national healthcare employers and their unions.

About InsideTrack

InsideTrack is passionate about student success. Since 2001, we have been dedicated to partnering with colleges and universities to create adaptive student success solutions that generate measurable results. These solutions combine student coaching, staff training, technology, and data analytics to increase enrollment, completion, and career readiness. Our adaptive coaching methodology is based on the latest behavioral science research and knowledge gained from working with more than 2 million students and currently serving more than 4,000 programs. In combination with our uCoach® Platform, our approach optimizes student engagement and generates valuable insights on the student experience through predictive modeling, behavioral analysis, and multichannel communication. InsideTrack is a member of the nonprofit Strada Education Network. Join us and the leading institutions, foundations, and others working to bring the transformative power of education to all individuals. Visit us at and follow us on Twitter @InsideTrack.

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