When prospects inquire, how well does your institution respond?

To find out, we made email, phone and website inquiries to 113 institutions with a strong online presence.  

The results may surprise you.

Every day, colleges and universities across the country get countless inquiries from prospective new students — students looking for the right online program for their needs. The timeliness in which each institution responds — as well as the message they provide — can be key factors in a prospect’s decision.

To see how institutions respond when a prospect reaches out, InsideTrack enrollment experts posed as prospective students and inquired at 113 institutions in four categories — private, public, for-profit and community college.

A variety of results were tracked, with the data used to create a comprehensive report and interactive dashboard. So what types of insight did our would-be students discover?

  • Inquiries via email were the least likely to get a timely response
  • Phone inquiries generated the fastest response
  • Several institutions failed to respond to RFIs from their own websites
  • Texting is still greatly underutilized

And at a time when enrollment numbers are more crucial than ever, a complete lack of response — even after 10 days — is still a major issue, and leading prospective students to look elsewhere.

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