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As with the start of any term, students are approaching the next phase of their academic journey with a mix of anticipation and reflection. Some are looking back and rebounding from past mistakes. Others are looking ahead and making post-graduation plans.

Knowing where your students are coming from is the first step toward helping them thrive at your institution. Here’s what InsideTrack Coaches are hearing from students about their goals, anxieties and expectations.

Getting comfortable with academic culture

“Freshman students are tackling their second semester with varying degrees of motivation, hope, trepidation and fear. Students are seeking ways to find a sense of belonging and a solid foundation that they can grow in to over the next few years.” — Kimmy Benson

Fine-tuning strategies for success

“Students are looking for ways to work smarter and streamline in 2019.” — Shannon Schlotz

Managing finances and outside-of-school commitments

“Most of the students I work with are working professionals, or students graduating from their bachelor’s degree and moving on to their master’s. One thing they all have in common is concern for the cost of their education as well as how they will manage their other responsibilities with school.” — Angela Jaramillo

Focusing on a brighter future

“Education is important to students because of what it can do for them and their families. Fathers who want to walk the talk so their children will see how important education is. Mothers who want to provide for their families with higher paying careers. People who want to give back to their communities and raise everyone.” — Amber Rose Dullea

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  • Read 9 more top tips from the InsideTrack team

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