What Happens Beyond the Campus Walls Matters

With all the debate over college affordability, there’s an overwhelming focus on the financial barriers to a college education. It’s easy to overlook the fact that even if every student were academically well-prepared and faced no financial strain from attending college, millions would still drop out as a result of addressable life circumstances related to health, family, work or personal challenges.

Today, most college students are in fact post-traditional, facing far different challenges than the traditional four-year degree-seeker. The student population is more diverse than any other time in the history of postsecondary education. Adult learners, caregivers, and full- and part-time workers now represent the majority of students at college and universities. This shift is especially relevant to the community college sector, which provides critical opportunities for career and technical training and lifelong learning for these students.

The flip side of the nationwide push for college access raises an important question: how can we ensure that new waves of post-traditional college-goers are set up for success once they arrive on campus?

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