Want to enhance student outcomes? Here’s how one institution did it.

If the student support team at University of Central Florida worried whether students would see the point of meeting with a coach, answering the phone put their fears to rest. After enough students called UCF’s Online Connect Center asking to speak with a success coach, the team knew they’d found the right way to give students the resources and guidance they needed.

Requests like that were cause for celebration, as they marked the culmination of a multi-phase effort to build a sustainable coaching model for UCF. Pam Cavanaugh, associate vice provost, UCF Connect and Jennifer Sumner, director of UCF’s Online Connect Center & Strategic Initiatives, explained what it took to get there in a webinar hosted through AASCU’s Re-Imagining the First Year of College initiative.

In a conversation with Dave Jarrat, vice president of marketing for InsideTrack, Cavanaugh and Sumner shared the challenges and successes of developing a world-class coaching program. Through a partnership with InsideTrack, UCF enhanced student success while building support for coaching across the institution. Along the way, Cavanaugh and Sumner said, they gained insight into the UCF student journey, transformed their program and kick-started a culture of ongoing improvement.

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