Unlocking the Magic — InsideTrack’s Week of Learning 2016

In an expression of the deep value that InsideTrack places on learning, once a year we rally the whole organization for a shared Week of Learning experience. This “Week” is all about learning from one another and from external experts, and offers us all a chance to get inspired by new thinking and new connections.

This year, our theme was Unlocking the Magic, and our learning events were all centered around development:  Student Development, Personal Development, and, InsideTrack Development.

This year, employees had the opportunity to choose from more than 51 different courses and hear from exciting keynote speakers like Greg Bell and Meg Levie.

To learn more, we chatted with Megan Breiseth, Director of Learning and Development, and Brad McKerihan, Training and Development Manager.

What’s the correlation of Week of Learning and our initiative to bring the transformative power of education to all individuals?

Brad: The Week of Learning is about inspiration, motivation, and taking care of ourselves as coaches and professionals. We need to make sure our ‘pitchers are full’ before we can pour into others. I believe the content from our Week of Learning filled us up!

Megan: This year’s theme captured Unlocking the Magic perfectly with a focus on development as a learning topic…We want to unlock the potential in 100 million people. In order to do that, we need to unlock our own potential, at an individual level, day in and day out. It’s a continual process. Especially for the students we work with; they are the reason everyone comes to work and there’s so much knowledge we can develop around helping students unlock their potential. Our emphasis this year was the more each of us individually is growing and learning, the better our organization will grow and learn, and the better outcomes we will see with the students and schools we serve. We really wanted people to get a big boost of empowerment from this week.

“We worry much less about what people are learning and much more about whether they’re learning. Talk to us about a culture of learning and development – how we’ve cultivated it and why it’s important”

Megan: Our people work here specifically because of our mission, and that commitment to human potential is reflected in each individual at InsideTrack. So, cultivating that is easy.

We’ve always emphasized having a feedback-rich culture, with a focus on continuous improvement. We also emphasize the motivation to learn – that our work and lives are more satisfying when we’re finding new challenges and continuing to change and grow.Once you have a strong learning culture, you have to stay more on your toes – people committed to learning are going to continue to have new needs and new expectations. Finding ways to meet those expectations and needs is what keeps our Learning and Development team learning and growing.

One of the main ways we’ve evolved in our learning culture is embracing flexibility and strength-based approaches. There are so many ways a person can learn and grow, and if you trust people have clear objectives, and have the people around them to consult on what they need to meet those objectives, you can provide a very flexible approach to professional development.

How can others cultivate their own week of learning and culture of and development?

  • Listen to your people
  • Believe in the knowledge and passion within your organization
  • Be open to a wide variety of learning topics
  • Empower people to teach one another topics they care about
  • Dedicate time and money to learning
  • Emphasize at all levels a belief that taking time to develop personally is going to make you better equipped to achieve the goals of your organization

A huge thanks to everyone involved in the Week of Learning! InsideTrack remains committed to learning, growing, and Unlocking the Potential in 100 Million People – Join us!


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