Supporting Students In Trying Times: Webinar Series

2020 has been nothing if not challenging. COVID-19 — a term no one had heard before — became a global pandemic, locking down college campuses from coast to coast, along with huge swaths of everyday life. An economic recession quickly followed, making it challenging to find — or keep — a job. The initial hope was that this one-two punch would be short-lived. But now, months later, the issues remain. Soon after the coronavirus crisis began, InsideTrack hosted a series of webinars designed to help you support students during these trying times. If you missed any, would like to watch them again, or want to share them with a colleague, the recordings can each be found here.

Supporting Students Through Crisis

As the impact of the coronavirus situation continues to evolve, a growing number of students are in crisis — particularly those facing acute housing/food insecurity and mental health issues. Students in general are dealing with high levels of anxiety, isolation, and unpredictability — as are college faculty and staff. Remaining connected to your students and providing them with stable, thoughtful support is essential. But what’s the best way to do so, while taking care of yourself in the process?

To help you support students in crisis, members of our Crisis Student Support team share information you can use and actions you can take immediately.

Supporting Students Considering Stopping or Dropping Out

Responding to a student who is thinking about dropping or stopping out can be extremely challenging. In this webinar, our experts provide you with tools you can use to understand your students and ensure that you’re responding to students in the most productive way — including best practices, techniques for talking with students who want to throw in the towel, and the importance of connecting with students via their preferred method of communication.

To help support students considering stopping or dropping out, members of our Coaching team share specific strategies and insights you can put to use right away.

Setting Your Students Up For Career Success

Amid record levels of reduced hours, furloughs and unemployment, how can you help students put their best selves forward as they prepare to enter a rocky job market? In this webinar, learn how the KSABs (Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes and Beliefs) can provide students with a holistic approach to career support and help address their career-related questions. Aligning the KSABs and creating a plan can help students find their path forward in these troubling times.

To help support students considering stopping or dropping out, two of our Training and Development Specialists share tips, advice and useful information to help students navigate their career journey.

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