Supporting Students In Crisis

For a growing number of college students, daily concerns are bigger than school, running the gamut from food and housing insecurity, financial issues, safety concerns or violence to emotional distress such as grief, anxiety and thoughts of suicide. A crisis situation is any situation where the student feels unusually stressed or overwhelmed and lacks the personal support they need. That’s where InsideTrack’s Crisis Support Services team comes in. These highly trained specialists listen to, work with and help students in crisis every day. As a way to help student support staff at colleges and universities support students in their time of need, we created a collection of on-demand trainings — videos you can watch any time.

Holistic Assessment

Employing a compassionate and holistic assessment reduces compassion fatigue and helps you listen to what’s most important to the student. Learn how evaluating all facets of a student’s situation helps you become a companion in their experience.

Self-Care for Student Support Professionals

Compassion fatigue — the cumulative effect of helping others — can take a physical, emotional and mental toll on student support professionals. Discover five techniques you can use right now to stay calm, focused and healthy during times of stress.

Supporting Students In Crisis

A student in crisis can be struggling with anything from food insecurity and the threat of eviction to transportation issues and lack of access to a phone. Explore student support techniques designed to help in times of instability and uncertainty.

Trauma-Informed Communication

Trauma is any experience in which someone’s internal resources can’t deal with external stresses. It can be bullying, abuse, a car accident… or a global pandemic. Understanding the basics of the brain can help you better understand trauma.

Download a snapshot of student well-being

With the number of mental health situations and basic needs insecurity continuing to rise among college students, the need for student crisis support is more important than ever. Our Students In Crisis Usage Analysis shines a spotlight on student well-being and the importance of helping students who are struggling.

Explore Crisis Usage Analysis

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