Stories of Student Success: Rainerio

Each student has a unique story, and every student’s story inspires our work and drives us to continue in our mission to unlock potential. Below is one such story:

Name: Rainerio
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Why Rainerio is Pursuing Higher Education:

A degree is important to me because I am a first-generation college student. I am not just doing this for myself but also for my family in the future. For me, a degree wouldn’t be just a piece of paper but memories of hard work and sacrifice.

How Coaching has Helped Rainerio:

A coach has helped me by being a quick and reliable resource. I would have questions about college tuition and resources on campus. I’d ask my coach and on that same day, I would get a response. Lastly, my coach became my friend. This allowed me to communicate easily and more effectively, compared to someone who I didn’t know. I never felt embarrassed or doubted myself when it came to asking my coach for help.

Rainerio’s Advice for Other Students:

Advice that I would give other students is to stick with your plan, whatever that may be. It is designed to be tough but not impossible. Just remember why you’re doing it and use that as motivation whenever you feel like you’re stuck. Never be afraid to ask for help. As cliché as this sounds, never quit.

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