Stories of Student Success: Mikayla

Each student has a unique story, and every student’s story inspires our work and drives us to continue in our mission to unlock potential. Below is one such story: 

Name: Mikayla
Hometown: Elkhart/Mishawaka, IN
Why Mikayla is Pursuing Higher Education:

I am studying Biology (pre-med) to become a Neonatologist. I’ve always wanted to be a doctor, and the degree is important to me because I want to feel accomplished in life, and happy with the career I pursue.

How Coaching has Helped Mikayla:

Working with a coach is like having a little angel sitting on your shoulder, helping you every step of the way. My coach, Kimmy (shown above with Mikayla), has helped me establish a study plan, acquire time management skills, and even offered a listening ear to things going on at home that caused me stress during the semester. Having my coach here to cheer me on throughout my first year of college has truly been a blessing, and I am very thankful for the opportunity to work with her.

Mikayla’s Advice for Other Students:

College is not what you’re expecting it to be. It will challenge you, and you will need help at some point, whether it’s from a family member, mentor, or friend. Believe in yourself, let other’s help you, and you will succeed.

Coach Kimmy Benson (center) with students (from L to R) Mikayla, Gentry, Shanelle, and Rainerio

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