Set Your Students Up for Career Success

Today’s students are more focused on obtaining post-graduation work than ever before, wanting to make sure their college degree translates into a successful career. That’s why it’s critical to incorporate career planning and support at every stage of the student journey. For some, a valuable career support topic may be exploring how an emerging job field is the perfect match for their interests. For others, learning new techniques for networking or building a portfolio could be the boost their career needs. In this short video series, you’ll find three different ways to provide tangible career resources for your students. And each video comes with a downloadable companion tool or worksheet that students can use to bolster their marketability in a competitive job market.

Tap Into Networking Tips

Discover four different easy-to-activate network tips you can share with your students — each designed with the current environment of isolation and social distancing in mind.

Networking Handout

Is building and cultivating professional relationships worth the effort? Show students the tools of the practice, ways to establish their network and how to develop a network plan — one that can pay off with “you’re hired.”

Translating Skills Into Other Fields

Learn how to help your students reskill, upskill or translate their skills into new or different career fields — a crucial attribute in today’s quickly and constantly shifting job market.

Skills and Strengths Inventory Worksheet

How do a student’s soft and hard skills translate into different career fields? This interactive tool helps students identify their skills and strengths to build a story about the value they bring to various jobs.

Nurturing a Growth Mindset

Find out how you can challenge your students’ mindset around career to impact their success — embodying an agile and adaptable growth mindset in an ever-changing work environment.

Growth Mindset Sheet

What’s the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset? Understanding how to get a student to accept challenges and try new things can help them develop abilities and reach higher levels of achievement.

Share our career support eBook with your students

Whether the students you work with are currently in college, recent graduates or looking to change or advance in their existing careers, our downloadable career support eBook — Career Prep at Every Stage of Your College Experience — can help them find, plan for and thrive in their chosen field.

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