Preventing Stop Outs and Drop Outs

The goals are often the same. A meaningful and fulfilling career. A better life for themselves and their family. A chance to make a difference. Yet for some students, things go off track on the road to earning their college degree. Some stop out, taking a hiatus from school. Others drop out entirely, citing a litany of reasons for throwing in the towel. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to know how to best support students considering stopping or dropping out. Our library of short, on-demand training videos can help you support students in this time of crisis.

Gaining Trust with Students

With the “all hands on deck” mentality created by the current situation, university staff are being asked to meet with more prospective and current students than ever before. Learn how you can quickly foster trust and gain credibility with students looking for help.

Building Motivation in Troubled Times

For students considering stopping or dropping out, connecting them back to their motivation — why they started school in the first place — is crucial. But how? Explore how our wedding cake model can link school with the student’s long-term goal and vision.

6 Questions to Ask a Student Considering Dropping Out

Speaking with a student who’s considering leaving school is challenging. It’s important to facilitate reflection so that students are making a rational decision that’s in their best interest. Hear examples of open-ended, conversational questions that can help.

Talking with Upset Students: Using the CLEAR Framework

Find out how the CLEAR Framework — Confirm, Legitimize, Evaluate And Respond — gives you a way to work through frustrations and challenges with upset students and ensure that you’re responding in the most productive way.

6 Techniques to Evaluate a Student’s Needs

In a time of high stress and crisis, students aren’t always able to fully articulate their needs. Learn how to listen intently, dig deep and understand what your students are experiencing in order to provide appropriate recommendations and guidance.

Downloadable resources you can use right now:

The Focus Wheel is an assessment tool that helps you understand your students holistically in eight key areas that impact their success.

The CLEAR Framework helps you assess and address the frustration and challenges a student may be experiencing that are counter to their goals.

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